Physical Apperance Edit

Killian Fell is a very handsome man, standing at a tall 6'1" in height with a muscular build, and toned physique. As for his physical appearance of about 28 year old despite he is a 642 year old vampire. Killian has a tan, olive toned complexion and a strong bone structure with high cheek bones and a solid jaw line, he usually never shaves so he has stubble around his mouth and cheeks. Possessing unruly dark brown, almost black, thick hair. It usually goes unstyled but sometimes gelled for special occasions. With striking, intense blue eyes (that sometimes resemble a deep blue like the sea) that contrast perfectly against his dark lashed and brows. Killian flashed the "mischievous grin" every chance he gets, he has an aura around him that is filled with charm yet mixed with menance. Killian wears a Lapis Lazuli daylight ring on his right hand that was enchanted by Fiona Bennett, the ring has the Fell crest and an embedded "K", it allows him to walk in the daylight without being burned.

When Killian was the Lieutenant for his brothers ship he was indeed younger and not as well built. His hair
fell against his forehead and down to his shoulders where he was able to tie it back in a pony tail. Killian's uniform consisted of the standard white, blue, and gold navy uniform for the Queen. After the death of his brother, Liam, Killian blamed the Queen and the navy, rebelling and stealing the ship he was the Lieutenant of at the time. Renaming the ship 'The Jolly Roger' Killian and his crew became pirates. After become a pirate his attire consisted of leathers, decorative vests, high collars, with cuffed sleeves and jewelry. Captain Fell dressed in the riches he stole, always having large rings on multiple fingers, a thick sliver or gold chain around his neck that hung with his low necked shirts. Killian mainly dressed in black with a long black leather trench coat, either a black leather or red decorative vest, with his weapons and his compass attached to his hip.

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