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This character is created by LisaEmma.

Lillian Forbes
Biographical information
  • August 19, 1840 (24/170)

1864 by Stefan Salvatore





Family information
Family Members
Supernatural information
Cause of death

Falling Down the stairs (as human)

Killed by
Physical Appearance
Played by
First seen



Lillian Forbes is one of the female characters in The Vampire Diaries series. Lillian has an twin brother named Adam, and many other unknown siblings. She was born on August, 19 1840, and lived in the colonial town of Mystic Falls with her siblings, her father - William Forbes- and her mother. She was best friends with her twin brother and Damon Salvatore. 

She was turned in 1864 when her family and the other Founding Families members were having dinner, and it was interrupted by Stefan, killing and then turning herself into an vampire. 

She is a doppelganger and descendant to Demetri Ignis and ancestor/doppelganger to Caroline Forbes. 

Early LifeEdit

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  • Lillian is from the English from Latin, meaning lily, a flower.
  • Lilian Forbes is portrayed by Candice Accola.
  • She is the first out of three doppelgangers to be shown on TV series.
    • Firstly, her and Caroline. 
    • Secondly, Katherine and Elena.
    • Thirdly, Silas and Stefan.

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