Luke Snyder
Luciano Snyder
Biographical information

July 1st





  • Luke (by everyone)
  • Lucy (by Noel)
  • Snyder (by Jason)
Physical description




Hair color

Dark Brown

Eye color


Skin color


Family information
Magical characteristics
  • Student
"I am so glad i`m not into girls!"
—Luke to Caleb in "Birds of a Feather"
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Biography Edit

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Personality Edit

Luke is described as being extremely honest, forthright, and sarcastic and sometimes blunt. At best he is passionate, assertive and perceptive. At his worst he is overbearing, irrational, and moody. Luke values his relationships highly and is very considerate, and often putting others before himself. Luke came out as gay in the season 1 finale and has delt with  bullying, and eventually gained the support of his friends and family. Luke came out to his friends before he came out to his family. He didn't come out to his family until the near end of season 3. 

Relationships Edit

Enemies Edit

Quotes Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Spencer was the first to find out Luke's secret, she found out in season 1.
  • He came out to his friends before he came out to his family.
  • He was best friends with Noel Kahn before he found out Luke was gay.
  • Luke was physically gay bashed.
  • Luke has had crushes on three heterosexual characters Noel KahnJason DiLaurentis and Wren Kingston.
  • He has kissed two of the heterosexual characters that he has had crushes on Noel Kahn which resulted in Noel discovering that Luke was gay and ended their friendship and Wren Kingston but remained friends with Wren.
  • Luke is a fan of Save by The Bell
  • Luke was a main target of 'A' at the beginning of season 2 and most of season 3.
  • He hated Caleb when he first met him.
  • The Hastings family is like a second family to him, and has known them for most of his life.

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