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Jocelyn FairchildEdit

Valentine MorgensternEdit

Clarissa FrayEdit

Jonathan Christopher Morgenstern/Sebastian VerlacEdit

Luke GarrowayEdit


Simon LewisEdit

Simon: "So Clary says you have something to tell me..."
: Lucie: "She did? Okay, you're stupid for falling in love with her."
: Simon: "Oh...I thought it was something else. But you think I'm stupid for falling in love?"
: Lucie: "Yeah, with the wrong sister. I love you."
: -Lucie admits to Simon how she feels.

Since the girls were six, they have been inseperable from Simon. As they grow, Lucie witnesses Simon falling in love with Clary and feels strange when he finally admits to Clary how he feels. When Clary asks what she thinks, Lucie states that she thinks she is in love with Simon but once again, it was Clary who won him over. Simon is one of the reasons that Lucie refuses to join Valentine, stating simply that joining Valentine would mean killing the people she loved and she wouldn't. When the demons attack, Lucie and Simon get into a discussion about Clary telling him she had something to tell him before Lucie admits he fell in love with the wrong sister. At the hospital, Simon kisses Lucie and tells her, she was possibly right but she at first refuses to be second best to her sister and leaves going home with Clary. Much later, after Simon and Clary date, Lucie can't shake the feel of being in love with Simon and dated someone briefly.


Jace Lightwood/Wayland/Herondale/Jonathan Christopher MorgansternEdit

Lucie finds Jace an annoyance and is angry at him for  making her sister feel bad about kissing him then finding Simon in her room. When she and Clary thought he was their brother, Lucie tried but found it difficult to bond with Jace on a brotherly level because she didn't believe Valentine when he said they were siblings. But upon finding out that she was right, Lucie began to let go of her anger for her sister's sake rather than because of Jace. To her, if she didn't, Lucie feared she'd lose her sister's love.

Alec LightwoodEdit

Lucie: "Hey you look more colourful today, Alec."
Alec: "Thanks I think, you actually called me Alec."
Lucie: "It'll pass, Jerk. See?"
Alec: "I knew I shouldn't have said anything, Red."
-Lucie and Alec after the events at the end of City of Bones.

At first, the relationship between Lucie and Alec was hostile. But as time passed, their relationship became more sibling like and eventually, Lucie and Alec became best friends. She was more hostile towards Alec after he threatened her sister.

Isabelle LightwoodEdit

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