Character HistoryEdit

Born on August 8th to a woman in her late twenties called Imogen Stark and her husband Peter Quill. Married only a few months before the arrival of their daughter, Peter insisted on holding a proper wedding shortly after their daughter's birth but on her arrival, Imogen was simply happy to be apart of a real family along with her four year old son; Wyatt who had been the product of a long term relationship between Imogen and an Asgardian; Fandral. 

But her daughter's arrival reminded Peter of the year his mother had died; 1988 (at 19.00 on 8/8), though having already thought of Meredith as a possibility for a name for a girl, Imogen was even more sure of naming their daughter in honor of her paternal grandmother but also wanted to include someone who had come to mean a lot to her; Phil Coulson. 

And so Meredith Phillipa Quill was named. 

As she grew, though her parents were Guardians of the Galaxy, she had a relatively regular childhood which Peter had wanted for her. A small town in Missouri became home for the whole family after Meredith's birth in New York, Imogen wanted to be away from her father's influence after everything that had happened to keep Wyatt and Meredith safe as they both had extraterrestrial genealogy.