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February 27, 2013
  • I live in Australia
  • I was born on February 4
  • I am Female
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  • Caitlyn! I miss roleplaying with you so much :( 

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  • Hey Caitlyn :D it's Vanessa from Bebo :), I roleplay Sienna, and I created a profile for her on here :). How are you today? 

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    • It's amazing isn't it :D, I've got two characters created on here already. Sienna and Hermione :D. I'll be adding my other non canons on here very soon. I want to complete Sienna first before starting another. There's a lot of work to be done but it's all fun :D. They're going to build the new bebo today, I wonder what they're going to do :) 

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    • I'm not surprised, the bebo roleplay wiki is a fantastic site. I love using it, though I'm sure you already knew that seeing as how Ive got quite a few non canons up on here XD

      I dont really care what they do as long as we get to keep our accounts. I really dont want to have to remake everything and find all of my old roleplayers D:

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  • You're probably not on, but I was wondering if Bebo's being slow as hell for you too? :o

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  • Howdy

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    • Me live in the most boring place wheather wise so we panic is it's hot or cold, practicly anything scares us. There was a mini whirlwind at my primary school and it was a local news story as a "Tornado" for half a week. :L

      God I spent all of yesterday outside boiling to death, though I'm lucky enough to have inherited the Itallian complexion so I don't burn... (yaaaay)

      Oh yes, and those ones where they're like Alice Cullen all of a sudden with no powers that make it plausible.

      HARRY: "but that makes no sense, why would I only find this out now, you'd ave thought at least Hagrid would have said something."

      GRACE: "Oh well, maybe you weren't paying attention."

      HARRY: "Maybe youre a liar."

      Oh my gos yes, this is why I like it so much, the world is just filled with so much detail. It just makes it so much easier to sink into the world and get lost.

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    • I prefer to live in places with not so extreme weather conditions. There are some places where they are literally tornados every week (well not literally, but i exagerate a lot). I would be scared shitless living in those places.

      Darn you, my skin is very fair and I burn, then I go tan, then I peel, then I go pale. Its not fun :(

      GRACE: "Yes, I'm secretly just a fan girl who's read all the Harry Potter books and has created a whole little world in her head."

      HARRY: "Wha--?"

      GRACE: "SHSSS! We mustn't speak such nonsense!"

      I swear if she wrote another dozen books, I would read them, they are just so compelling! And I love how the books isnt in one persons perspective, because you get views of both side of the story. 

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  • Can I pinch your Charmed quoute on your Relationships page for Ellie because I want it on mine for Ally because it sums up Ally & Ellie so accurately :L

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    • ALLY: [smirks] "You don't even wanna know what go- went on with me and Nik...." [staright face] "How many times there is notjing going on with me an Nik." ["And I Will Always Love You" starts playing from Ally's phone ans she takes it out, annoyed, to answer it.]

      ELLIE: "Out of the on male person that is not a family memeber on your phone who could that be?"

      ALLY: "It's not Nik It's my lesbian lover..... Tessa..." [answers it] "Stop changing your ringtone on my phone when it's lying around, Ni-Tessa, it's getting embarassing, I'll see you later Ni-Tessa..."

      ELLIE: "Ni-Tessa? Who might Ni-Tessa really be?"

      ALLY: "Her full name is Nitesha.... she's... Greek... It's a Greek name...."

      At this point I think Ally is just trolling Ellie about the Klaus thing...

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    • ELLIE: "Your lesbian lover? I would very much like to meet this Ni-Tessa."

      ALLY: "You can't."

      ELLIE: "And why is that?"

      ALLY: "Because ... uh ... hey look! Jeremy's here!"

      ELLIE: "Yeah, nice try--"

      JEREMY: "Ellie?"

      ELLIE: "ZOMGJEERRRR!" (races and happyily jumps into his arms) "You!" (Ellie turns to Ally) "This isn't over!" 

      DAMON: "Was that the pitter patter of Jeremy's feet in my house that I heard?"

      ELLIE: "Wuh-oh." (runs off with Jeremy)

      And Ellie being the adorable sister, loves to see her big sister suffer :P

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  • Just to let you & anyone else who's reading this that bebo is finally back on. :D x

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  • Is Bebo down for you or is it me?

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  • Hi, welcome to Bebo Roleplay Wiki! Thanks for your edit to the File:Gabriella New Moon Promo.gif page.

    Please leave me a message if I can help with anything!

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