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Michelle Forbes
Biographical information

4th August 1992




Senior Student





Family information
Family Members
Supernatural information
Significant kills
  • Unamed Hybrid
  • at least 7 vampires
Physical Appearance
Played by

Ashley Benson

"I'm a witch, yeah, right. How did you find out? Was the hiding place for my broom to obvious? Or wait, did I accidentally leave my cauldron and Eye of Newt lying around? Gosh darn, my days of riding my broom through the night and sacrificing the neighbors cats to Satan are over."
—Michelle, not believing she's a witch.

Michelle Louise Forbes was born on the 4th March 1992 to Sandra Forbes and Michael Waters, a witch. As Michelle did not know her father, neither she or her mother knew this and thus didn't know that Michelle was also a witch. She is the cousin of Caroline Forbes, a vampire and naeice of Bill Forbes, a vampire hunter. Michelle grew up in Kansas, where her mother had gone to collage and eventually stayed when she had her. She lived a normal life until she was 15, when her mother told her about vampires and that her family hunted them.

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