"I am who I am Becky, I have a good and bad side and they're both me"
—Miranda to Rebecca

Miranda is a kind and caring girl. She is always willing to help those who need it. She is protective of her family and mainly her younger sister Rebecca. She loves to mess around and is extremely playful. Miranda is extremely good at fighting and is loyal to what she believes. She doesn't dislike many people and will only dislike you if you have harmed anyone she cares about. Mira easily makes friends with people no matter what they are.

Miranda does have a dark, mean side. She is arrogant and rude to people. She has been called a bitch because of that. Mira doesn't trusts people easily. She is very selfish. Mira is extremely aggressive and argumentative. She is sarcastic and tends to ignore people by listening to music and pretending she can't hear them. She enjoys annoying her sister Rebecca when Rebecca annoys her. Mira is a daredevil, no arguments there.

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