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Molly Ava Gold
( Portrayed by Shantel VanSanten )
Biographical information

August 19th


Unknown but looks 24.





  • Mollikins August
  • Summer Avalynne Enchanted Forest name
  • Princess Summer Enchanted Forest name
  • Kyra nickname by Charming
Physical description






Hair color
  • Brunette
  • Blonde
Eye color


Family information
Family members

Magical characteristics
Specific Skills
  • Sword Fighting
  • Unknown Magical Skills
Specific Weakness
  • Her Father
  • Hook
  • Photographer.
  • Volunteer at the hospital.

"Will you two just get along, or am I going to have to put one of you in the corner?"
—Molly to Killian and Mr Gold

Molly Gold is the daughter of Mr Gold. She is the Storybrooke counterpart of Summer.

Enchanted ForestEdit

Summer Avalyn was born to Milah during a time when Milah was considering leaving her husband for a life at sea. So Milah put Rumple off when he asked if she wanted another child, all the time knowing she was pregnant with another child. Upon her birth, Milah gave Summer to a childless couple and she was raised by them until Rumplestiltskin and Baelfire happened by one day and Bae commented on how much like his mother Summer was. That night, Rumple kidnapped a five year old Summer. At first, she refused to acknowledge his apologises but Baelfire explained that she was so much like their mother, it was impossible that Rumple would not acknowledge his own daughter after Milah's 'death'. Summer relented and began to try with Rumple but after Baelfire disappeared, he closed off from her and put a spell on her on the eve of her 14th birthday. She slept in a frozen state until Prince Charming had the Blue Fairy undo the magic that bound her.

During the First CurseEdit

Like everyone else, Molly is the counterpart of Summer from the Enchanted Forest. She is the daughter of Milah and Rumplestiltskin {Mr Gold] and the younger sister of Baelfire[Neal], therefore aunt of Henry Mills. Transported to Storybrooke on the night of Emma Swan's birth, Molly woke up with only the memory that she was Mr Gold's biological daughter but for some unknown reason she never truly trusted him. It is thought that Molly also had to some extent known that the world of Storybrooke was not real and her real name wasn't Molly, but it has never been proven by anyone. After 28 years, Molly feels like her life is in a rut when suddenly the arrival of Emma signals time to begin moving. The first Molly does is inform Mr Gold that she is moving into an apartment of her own near the docks for her love of the sea. He is angered at first but respects his daughter's decision to move on.


The name Summer comes from the Roman meaning 'Warmth, strength, fertility'. Avalynne, under the spelling Avalyn comes from the Hebrew meaning 'life'.

The name Molly comes from the Hebrew meaning 'Wishing' and Ava comes from the Greek meaning 'eagle'.

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