Killian Jones/HookEdit

When Killian was kidnapped by Tamara and Greg, he first saw Molly yelling at her father for beating up a man. But at first he questioned how Gold had another child that wasn't Bael. When he finally met her, Hook was captured by her similar appearance to her mother; Milah. The same face shape, the same grey eyes. He was drawn into keeping her safe. Especially when they travelled to Neverland. During their return, Hook and Molly slept together. But as another curse approached, Molly said she was going with Emma to keep her and Henry safe. As a result, Regina erased each of their minds before they left Storybrooke as the Curse enveloped the town.

A year later, Killian went to the apartment Molly shared with Emma and Henry. When he kisses her, Molly slaps his face and slams the door as she goes to attend to her daughter. After taking the memory potion, Molly introduces Killian to his daughter.

After spending time in Camelot, Molly marries Killian there. It is later revealed after her return from Underbrooke, that Molly is carrying her second child revealed to be a boy. But believing that Killian would never return to her, she wanted to named her son after people who meant something to both of them. Their son would be called Liam David Lachlan Jones. Liam for Killian's older brother, David for Molly's adopted brother and their close friend; Lachlan in honor of the nickname Molly called Robin.


When August first arrived in town, Molly was suspicious of him. Which grew when her father told her that August was Baelfire. Turning up at his motel room, she yelled at him for making her father think that he was Baelfire, when he wasn't. As August admitted it, they both kissed and led to sleeping together before the curse was broken and their relationship turned to friendship.


Kira Cassidy JonesEdit

The daughter of Molly and Killian. She was born during the year that Molly, Emma and Henry were away from Storybrooke. She later becomes the big sister of Liam Jones III.


The son of Molly and Killian. He was somehow responsible for magic's return to Storybrooke.


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