RoleplaySocial - Edit

A site that strives to integrate the features of what Bebo roleplayers remember and enjoyed and features that other styles of roleplay enjoy as as well.

Roleplaysocial is run by a small staff that will increase in size as needed when the site grows according to the staff. The creators known as Vladmir and his staff members are seasoned roleplayers themselves and strive to make the site the best it can be through community input. They were there for Bebo, have been with Facebook roleplaying, aniroleplay and continue to contribute to roleplay and the communities surrounding it.

The site runs off of a custom version of Oxwall, which is used for social network sites.

RoleplaySocial takes on not only roleplaying, but strives to bring in a writing community as well as they both go hand in hand.

roleplay & writing Edit

  • The site promotes freedom of style in both roleplay and writing.
  • Messages, Mail and Forums are all available styles of play.
  • 18+ Content is segregated publicly but supported with special forums and profiles.

Features Edit

  • Profiles that are customizable by HTML manipulation. The staff and

community work to make the process as easy as possible to have fully customizable profiles. This includes the theme and profile elements.

  • Customizable Dashboard for quick links and ability to see personal information such as who has viewed you
  • Profile Avatars, Cover Photos & Comments.
  • Messages and mail. Chat interface.
  • User roles/ranks.
  • Forums.
  • Blogs.
  • Picture & Video Upload.
  • Standard Social Features (Comments, Newsfeed, Wall, Friends, Groups, Events).
  • 18 + Sections and Rank (To help keep younger users safe publicly).
  • Notifications via email.
  • Mobile site.

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