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Nina Marin
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October 18, 1989







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Family information
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Magical characteristics
Specific Skills

Hiding her rape

Specific Weakness

People knowing her rape


Nina Marin is one of the main characters in the Pretty Little Liars television series on ABC Family. She is portrayed by Candice Accola .


Nina was born to Tom and Ashley Marin on the 18 October 1989. She soon became an older sister to Hanna , five years later. She went to Rosewood Middle School with Melissa Hastings , Ian Thomas, Garrett Reynolds , Jason DiLaurentis and many other friends.

At the age of fourteen, Nina and her friends went to a wild party that was hosted in college. She was separated from her friends, she couldn’t find them so she left the party, walking home. While walking home, she was being followed, she did not realize who it was, when she was pulled in the nearby bushes, trying to get away from her attacker and saw that it was Darren Wilden .  He brutally rape her and left her once he was done. Getting over the shock and hurt, she ran home to pack up a bag, and left Rosewood , to lived with her uncle Patrick . She had finished her education there.

During that time, Nina kept her rape as a secret. Not knowing that A knows about it.

When she turned twenty, she went back to Rosewood, and there she saw Darren Wilden as a Police Officer. Darren had demanded that Nina would keep the rape as a secret because he would loose his job. Nina replies that he should of thought about it after he did it, before walking away only to be stop by Darren. He threatened her to be quiet about it or something will happen to her. Nina was scared, not knowing what Darren will do to her, she agreed and Darren let her go.

Before the Pilot started, she has been receiving texts from A that became threatening and blackmailing. Nina does whatever A wants her to do to keep her rape a secret.



  • Nina: Its means girl and grace in Spainsh and Hebrew
  • Marin: Its means sea; of the sea, bitter, sea maiden, ocean-loving in Latin; Russian and French.

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