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Noah Gray
(Portrayed by Alberto Rosende)
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  • Single


  • Noah Collins
  • Noah Bennet
  • Noah Bishop
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Human (Hero)





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  • Unknown
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  • Unknown
  • College Student

Character History Edit

Noah Gabriel Gray was born to Darcie Bennett and Gabriel Gray on December 9th 2007. He was born ten days before his due date. He had been conceived on the night that his mother helped Gabriel going as Sylar, dispose of a body. After that, Darcie left whilst Sylar slept and had Rene erase her memory.

So when Noah was born, she had no idea who his father was but felt drawn to the name of Gabriel so she gave her newborn son it as a middle name. His first was after her father. 

Noah was just under eighteen months old when his father found out that Darcie had had his son. Sylar was just about to kill Darcie when he hears the little boy cry for his mother. 

Just two days before his third birthday, his aunt Claire revealed the existence of Evolved humans to the world. 

On June 13th 2014 when Noah was six, he attended the Summit with his parents but was saved by enclosing him, his mother and several others in a force-field. Darcie held Noah to her as she watched a happy day transform into terror and fear within minutes. 

Afterwards, she realizes that Gabriel is missing. A day later, it is revealed that he was amongst the dead. 

In 2016, Darcie married a man called Luke Collins. A man who had lost his son in the summit attack. Noah instantly began to bond with his stepfather, especially when it is revealed that Darcie was having a baby brother or sister for Noah. Luke even suggested that they let Noah name the baby once he was born. 

Agreeing but first wanting to hear the name, Noah said Evan Dennis. When asked why that name, Noah replied because it meant God is Gracious so like his own name it was almost biblical and Dennis for Luke's other son. Luke was touched by the thought but suggested that they pick another name so that the baby wouldn't feel like he would have to live up to his deceased brother. So instead, Noah and Luke picked Evan Daniel which Darcie happily agreed too. 

The family was completed when six months before he turned twelve, sister Zoey arrived in the family. She was born on the anniversary of the summit, arriving two weeks early as if by design to make the day a happier day for Luke. 

Noah was enamored by his beautiful baby sister and toddler brother.