• Kol Mikaelson
    • Noelle's biological father. Kol is an Original vampire. Kol adores Noelle and will do anything to protect her from anything, including her uncle Klaus. She was devastated when she felt her father's presence near her. 
  • Rue
    • Noelle's biological mother. Rue is a Witch. Kol fell in love with Noelle's mother while he was in Haiti. They had a romantic relationship which ended up having Noelle. Rue loved Noelle, and Noelle watched over the her and the Witch Coven over the centuries. She was devastated when her mother had died. 
  • Niklaus Mikaelson
    • Noelle's biological uncle. Niklaus is an Original Hybrid. Klaus did not know the existence of Noelle, though Noelle knew everything about him and the family. They first met when Noelle came to pick up the body of Kol. She told him that she was his niece and Kol's daughter. They soon became close, after the death of their beloved family member. Klaus feels guilty for daggering Kol and admits to Noelle, but she revealed that she knows from his mind. 
  • Elijah Mikaelson
    • Noelle's biological uncle. Elijah is an Original Vampire. Like Klaus, he did not know the existence of Noelle. They first met in New Orleans, and told Elijah about her identity. He was shocked, but felt oddly protective of Noelle. They bond over being a uncle/niece relationship.
  • Rebekah Mikaelson
    • Noelle's biological aunt. Rebekah is an Original Vampire. Like her brothers, she did not know the existence of Noelle. They first met in After School Special episode, when Kol arrived with Noelle and Shane. Rebekah was shocked and confused, but very happy that there was another girl in the family. Noelle became close with her aunt. 
  • Finn Mikaelson
    • Noelle's biological uncle.  Finn is an Original Vampire. Finn did not know about her existence and never met her. Noelle knew about him, but Kol said that he has been daggered for nine centuries. 
  • Henrik Mikaelson
    • Noelle's biological uncle. Noelle did not meet Henrik, as he was already dead. Though from hearing stories from her father, Noelle had wished to meet her deceased uncle. 
  • Henrietta Mikaelson
    • Noelle's biological aunt. Henrietta is an Original Vampire. Kol, trusting Henrietta more than anyone, told Henrietta to keep an eye out on his daughter. Noelle and Henrietta hit it off in the 1700's, becoming close as sisters, rather than aunt/niece.
  • Emmauel Mikaelson
    • Noelle's cousin. Emmauel is a half warlock-half vampire hybrid, like her. They havent met until in Mystic Falls in the 21st century. They became extremely close. 
  • Erica and Nikki Mikaelson
    • Noelle's twin cousins. 


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