Mr. and Mrs. Granger were Muggle dentists who seemed proud of their witch daughters. They appeared to be accepting of the wizarding world, as they went shoppping with Hermione and Paige in Diagon Alley and allowed them to spend several holidays with the Weasley Family, but did not approve of their daughters using magic as a quick-fix, as indicated by their not allowing Hermione or Paige to magically fix their teeth. They correspond by owl post with their daughters throughout the school year, but other than one holiday in France with their parents, Hermione and Paige spent almost all of their time in the wizarding world. In 1995, they planned to go skiing with them during the Christmas Holidays, but ended up going to 12 Grimmauld Place to try to cheer Harry up instead. Paige and Hermione told their parents that the reason of her cancelling was to study for exams, indicating htat her parents expected them to do well in school and were probably not awrare of the extent of their daughters's involvment in activities relating to the Second Wizarding War. 


To protect them during the height of the war, Hermione and Paige decided to modified their's parents memories in 1997, to make them believe they were entirely different people, and they left the country. After the war, they found them in Australia and restored their memories. 

Hermione GrangerEdit


Paige is the younger twin sister to Hermione. They are close, protective and caring for each other. Paige was shock and devastated when she saw Hermione being petrified by the Basilisk. She also kept secrets for Hermione, as Hermione done the same to Paige. 

Harry PotterEdit

Ron WeasleyEdit

Nieces and NephewsEdit


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