Prudence J. Halliwell Edit

The older sister of Parker and Primrose. She and Parker are close in age and close as sisters. She is the one who helps Parker with her abilities as they are the only cupid-witch hybrids to exist. It was revealed that P.J. has the ability of Cyrokinesis and when Parker received her Halliwell power, it was the polar opposite; Pyrokinesis. The sisters trained to use their abilities and included their younger sister as she grew into her powers.

Primrose HalliwellEdit

The youngest of the Halliwell sisters. Primrose was 14 when she came into her Halliwell power of Aerokinesis. Being four years older, Parker was a little protective of her younger sister and so was PJ.


Phoebe HalliwellEdit

Phoebe is the mother of PJ, Parker and Primrose. A member of the original Power of Three. She helps her daughters as they come into their power. Teaching them from birth rather than binding their powers. At first, Phoebe was unsure whether Parker would have any powers after the world switched making mortals have powers and witches, etc have nothing. But she began showing her abilities like PJ by remote beaming and beaming places, which relaxed Phoebe's worries.


The father of PJ, Parker and Primrose. He is closest with Parker as he, like Phoebe was worried about whether she'd have any powers. He is proud of all his daughters as they start getting their powers; cupid and witch ones. When it was revealed the girls had each inherited gifts from the Warren line, Coop was worried about Parker's connection to her gift as it required anger to fuel it instead suggesting that she and PJ trained together to make the gifts come from a place of good rather than anger and fear.

Piper HalliwellEdit

Paige MatthewsEdit

Leo WyattEdit

Henry MitchellEdit

Wyatt HalliwellEdit

Chris HalliwellEdit

Melinda HalliwellEdit

Tamora MitchellEdit

Kat MitchellEdit

Henry Mitchell Jr.Edit

Victor BennettEdit


Ben BrodyEdit

Benjamin Brody is the son of Kyle Brody and one of PJ's charges. Tasked to help him despite him being half demon, PJ was oblivious to the growing relationship between her younger sister and Ben. Parker and Ben had hooked up before PJ found out Ben was her charge. Annoyed the Ben had never mentioned he was part demon and part whitelighter, Parker ignored his advances as her sister tried to set him up.

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