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Phoebe Juliette Mallory
( Portrayed by Kaley Cuoco )
Biographical information






  • PJ(by everyone)
  • Pheebs (By Amelie)
  • My girl (By Amelie)
  • Angel (By Peter)
  • Bubbles (By Arabella)
Physical description
  • Werewolf




Hair color


Eye color
  • Soft Green Normally
  • Piercing Green Werewolf
Family information
Family members

  • Amelie Mallory (mother)
  • Peter Hale (father)
  • Deucalion (uncle)
  • Arabella (sister figure)
  • Unknown Members
Magical characteristics
Specific Skills
  • Heightened Senses
  • Accelerated Healing
  • Enhanced Agility
  • Enhanced Strength
  • Pain Transference
  • Memory Transference
  • Limited Telepathic Connection to Pack
Specific Weakness
  • Monkshood/Wolfsbane
  • Mountain Ash
  • Lunar Eclipse
  • Mistletoe
  • Hecatolite
  • Amelie's Pack
  • Scott's Pack Briefly
  • Derek's Pack
  • Peter.
  • Student

Phoebe Mallory is the daughter of Amelie Mallory and Peter Hale. She has traits from both her parents but her most prominent feature is her piercing green eyes when she becomes a werewolf/shows her true nature to others.


With a full moon high in the black sky there was no better time for the birth of Phoebe Juliette Mallory. The Full Moon also showed the piercing green eyes of baby Phoebe shocking all in the pack, especially her mother, Amelie. But the piercing green soften as dawn broke leaving her eyes a naturally soften green. Phoebe learned all that she could from her mother and the other members of the pack and soon knew almost everything she could ever want to know. The only thing that was missing from her knowledge was the truth about her father but her mother refused to answer her questions with anything more than. "He was a friend" or "It just didn't work out". Phoebe's outgoing, bubbly nature often lead to fights within the pack between other members who view the young wolf as a threat due to her inexperience and the fact that she was different. It worried them and Phoebe knew too well how they felt about her but she never let that stop her. And as the Pack moved from place to place, the majority of the time Phoebe found herself in some sort of trouble but when they arrived in Beacon Hills and she overheard the name Peter Hale being mentioned alongside the word Father she knew that she had to find him.


Phoebe is very protective of those she holds dear to her. She often feels that she needs to look after everyone else and this at times leads to tension within the pack as well as in her 'normal' life. Phoebe is the type of girl who can lift peopl's spirits when it seems that there is no hope left. Her laughter is often infectious but cross her in anyway and there is a visious side to her. She will take no prisioners, if you hurt her or anyone she cares about the consequences will be dear.


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