Character History Edit

Born on June 6th 1986 to a woman called Esme Quinton, Quinn Lucia Eliore Morningstar was the daughter of Lucifer Morningstar. Her father knew nothing of her until he came by Esme's home in 2010 to see how his old flame was. Quinn was in a rush to leave for a job when her mother called her into the living room, as she entered her eyes went to the male who sat on their sofa like he had every right to be there. That was when Esme introduced Quinn to her father.

Disbelieving her mother, Quinn went to leave as Esme stated that Quinn knew that she wasn't lying because of the same talent to get the truth out of people that came from Lucifer. 

But still Quinn left to go and do her job, being approached by Lucifer stating that he had a deep dislike for children for many reasons, he was glad to have met Quinn as a young woman rather than as a child. A little insulted by the statement, Quinn ignored him until he called her his 'ziya' which meant his light. Telling him not to call her that, Lucifer just smirks before telling her to call him 'dad' to which Quinn replies never, stating that all he did was contribute sperm, that it took alot more to be a father. 


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