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Rebecca Lightwood
Portrayed by Sabrina Desales
Biographical Information
Full name: Rebecca Rachel Lightwood
Born: 1991
Age: 16
Status: Alive
Nickname/s: Becka (Family)
Bec (everyone)
Residence: New York Institute
Species: Nephilim
Affiliation: Lightwood family
Herondale family
Fairchild family
Allegiance: The Clave
Occupation: Shadowhunter
Significant Other/s: Seth Lockwood (boyfriend)
Children: Delilah Isabelle Maryse Lightwood (daughter)
Father: Robert Lightwood
Mother: Maryse Lightwood
Sibling/s: Alec Lightwood
Isabelle Lightwood
Jace Lightwood (adoptive)
Max Lightwood †
Physical Description
Gender: Female
Hair color: Ink black (book)
Light brown (movie)
Eye color: Brown
Character Information
First appearance: City of Bones
Latest appearance: City of Heavenly Fire
"Look, here's one thing I've always lived by, rules are made to be broken while laws are made to be followed."
—Bec, City of Glass

Rebecca Rachel Lightwood is a Shadowhunter under the Conclave. She is the twin sister of Izzy, the younger sister of Alec, the older sister of Max and the adoptive sister of Jace. She became pregnant with Delilah after spending the night at her boyfriend's house. To stop her family from finding out, she lied and said she was raped. Robert saw through Rebecca's lie, knowing she was dating the werewolf who supposedly attacked her. She gives birth in between the events of the events of book 1 and 2.


The Mortal InstrumentsEdit

City of BonesEdit

Rebecca is first introduced when she walks into the library with Isabelle. Clary is shocked that she looks in such late stages of pregnancy. Bec is kind to Clary, which surprises Clary. Bec is in hospital a far amount of time so isn't seen much throughout the book. She is seen in the end when Jace and Clary are revelled to be "siblings." She hugs Jace and gives Clary an encouraging smile and whispers to Clary, "You and Jace are bound together, trust me."

City of AshesEdit

Rebecca is finally released from hospital after giving birth to Delilah. When Izzy sees Bec, she hugs Bec so tightly, Jace said he was "surprised Becka's bones weren't broken." Bec has Delilah with her and Maryse tells Bec to "put Del to sleep." Bec does as her mother says but mouths something to Jace. When Jace is kicked out of their home, Bec has an huge argument with Maryse and runs off from the Institute. She runs into the werewolf Seth, causing Bec to just freeze. He walks over to Bec and kisses her and she kisses back. The two are then caught by Jace who gives Bec a suspicious smile. Bec rolls her eyes at him and he walks away.

When Clary, Jace and Luke are about to leave, Maryse asks Luke if he could identify a werewolf for her. Luke asks Maryse why and she tells him that she needs to know who raped her daughter. When Alec, Izzy and Clary go to safe Jace, Bec stayed behind to keep an eye on Max. When Jace comes back from the boat, he sees Seth and Bec there. He strangles Seth, much to Bec's horror, and demands to know who the werewolf was who attacked Bec. Seth tells Jace he doesn't know and Bec tries to stop Jace who smacks her across the face so she collapses to the ground.

When the Inquisitor arrives with Izzy, Robert and Maryse Lightwood, Maryse sees the mark on Bec's cheek and demands to know what happened. Bec says it was an accident but the Inquisitor points to Jace and said he did it. Jace confesses to attacking Bec and the Lightwoods all look at him horrified, mainly Izzy and Alec. Jace then said what he believes, that Seth was the very werewolf who attacked her. She tells Jace he's lying but he continues, saying that even if he wasn't the werewolf who attacked her, she's still dating a werewolf. She walks away and back to the Institute.

After Jace is put in his cage, Robert goes to her room. When Bec sees him, she asks him why he was here. He tells her he needs the truth and Bec replies with "the truth is dad, that Jace was lying about everything, I'm not in a relationship, and I never was, with a werewolf, let alone a Downworlder." Robert tells her that he had suspected for months that Bec and Seth have been in a relationship and that Seth was the biological father of Delilah. Bec says that that is a lie and Maryse walks in. She asks Bec for the truth and Bec says the same thing, that Jace was lying and that she's not in a relationship and never has been with any Downworlder. She then walks away.

She is at the fight on the ship along with the other Lightwoods. She and Seth are seen fighting near each other, Seth in wolf form.

City of GlassEdit

Rebecca is with the Lightwoods when attacked by the Forsaken. She was unaware that Seth was keeping an eye on her so she was surprised when she saw him. He quickly turns human and the two hug each other and say their goodbyes before Bec goes through the Portal to Alicante. They take Simon with them and are forced to leave Clary in New York. While in Alicante the group reunites with Aline Penhallow and are introduced to Sebastian Verlac.

Later on, the group is attacked by Demons who have managed to have gotten into Alicante. They take Aline and Isabelle goes to find out what's going on as Alec and Bec hide Max and Delilah. Alec finds Izzy and then goes out to fight as Izzy, Bec, Sebastian, Max and Delilah hide inside the house. Izzy and Bec go to get weapons leaving Sebastian with Max and Delilah. Sebastian kills Max and makes Delilah stay quite. When Bec and Izzy return, Sebastian knocks Izzy out first and then Bec.

After the attack Clary and Simon go to visit the Lightwoods, who are grieving the death of Max. Bec has tears in her eyes and is holding Delilah. Jace hugs Bec and tries to cheer her up and makes a joke saying "if only we could call Seth, he'd get a smile on your face. This is why I find it really unhandy that you can't use phones in Idris." Bec smiles at this and Jace smiles as well. When Simon goes to try and talk to Izzy, Bec mutters something along the lines that she "doubts Simon can talk to Izzy."

When the New York werewolf pack arrive in Alicante, Bec and Seth hug, glad to see that they're both okay. Seth warns Bec that if she ever scares him like that again, he'll kill her. To shut him, she kisses him, shocking all the Lightwoods aside from Jace, who already knew about Seth and Bec. Seth stays behind from the fight under Luke's orders saying that "Rebecca just lost her brother and almost lost her daughter, can you imagine what she'd go through if she loses you." Despite Seth's objections, he stays behind with Bec. Bec is later confronted by her sister who asked how long that has been going on and Bec replies by saying two years.

At the end of the book, everyone celebrates the victory in the war. Bec and Seth are seen together, with Seth's arm around Bec. This is also where it's revelled that Seth is, after all, the biological father of Delilah Lightwood. Robert glares a bit at Seth and Bec but Bec ignores it. She looks at Clary and mouths "I told you so Clarissa."



Rebecca, like all of the Lightwoods, has a snobbish attitude to mundanes and Downworlders, though not as much as the others. This may be because of her relationship with Seth, a werewolf. Isabelle noticed the change in Bec long before any of the others did. She was the only one of the Lightwoods who was kind to Clary and Simon straight away, suggesting that her relationship with Seth made her a better person as Seth stated to Clary in CoFA that Rebecca was rude and snobbish to nearly everyone but fellow Shadowhunters when they met.

Rebecca is easily hurt emotionally, seen when Max passed away and she couldn't stop crying, and only barely managed to smile when Jace tried to cheer her up. Rebecca normally needs a shoulder to cry on if something terrible happens to her. She is very careful when it comes to trusting people because of what her mother told her when she was little. Though, despite that, she was seen to be extremely reckless when it came to loving Seth. Luke had to keep Seth from fighting in the Mortal War because of the fact that Rebecca would possibly lose another person she cares about.

Rebecca is also fiercely loyal and has a temper when it comes to her loved ones. Seen when she through a tantrum at a member of the wolf pack about killing the Werewolf/Shadowhunter hybrid baby. She is also described as stubborn and Seth stated that it's something he "loved and hated about Bec." She also has the same arrogance Jace has and normally makes snarky comments about people when she's drunk.


Physical DescriptionEdit

Rebecca is described as looking a lot like her twin sister Isabelle, as they both have the same ink black hair and dark brown eyes that are usually mistaken for black. She is said to resemble her mother though not as much as Isabelle as she does have some of her father's features. She is tall and calls it "a gigantic pain in the butt," as she hates her height and wishes she was just slightly smaller so she isn't taller then most boys. Unlike Izzy though, Bec isn't envious of Clary's looks and says that it "would be a pain to be that much smaller then most guys."


All Shadowhunters have some of the angel Raziel's blood in their veins. This gives Shadowhunters the ability to survive having runes marked on their skin.

  • Marks: Rebecca possess several combat marks, including healing and strength runes.
  • Superhuman physiology: Shadowhunters have physical abilities superior to mundanes, which are separate from abilities gained from runes.
  • Superhuman strength
  • Superhuman agility
  • Superhuman stamina
  • Superhuman coordination



  • Stele: Rebecca has utilized a stele, mostly for healing purposes for herself and her family and friends.
  • Bracelet: Rebecca has a sensor bracelet which she got as a birthday present from her mother. It is unknown where the bracelet came from apart from the fact that it was given to Maryse by her brother.


  • Swords: Rebecca has a few swords which she uses to fight
  • Daggers: Rebecca has also been shown to include a pair of daggers in her arsenal.
  • Seraph blades: Rebecca uses angel blades.



Seth and Rebecca have been dating for two years, almost three in the CoHF. Seth and Rebecca met when Bec was out celebrating alone. Seth sensed she was a Shadowhunter and went up to talk to her, intrigued by Bec's beauty. Bec tells Seth that she didn't think she'd run into a werewolf there. Seth said that he was surprised to run into a Shadowhunter there, especially a Lightwood. Bec smirked at him and Seth gives her a fake smile. The two dance together and Bec admits she was surprised she'd enjoy the company of a werewolf so much and Seth smiles at this.

The two talk about Shadowhunting and what it's like being a Downworlder. When Bec has to go, Seth agrees to drop her off at the Institute. When they arrive, Seth asks Bec to meet him at Central Park the following day and Bec agrees. The two swap phone numbers so they could call each other if they had to cancel. The following day, the two meet at Central and have their first date. Here the two also have their first kiss.

Nine months prior to the CoB, Bec spent the night at Seth's apartment. This resulted in Bec becoming pregnant with Delilah. When she starts to develop a stomach, the Lightwoods question Bec until she lies and says she's was  raped by a werewolf. All of them, aside from Robert, believed her, with Robert suspecting the relationship between Seth and Bec.

Just before CoA, Bec gives birth to Delilah Isabelle Maryse Lightwood. Seth is said to have been there for her and smiles when he held his daughter.

During the CoA, the two kiss, leading the readers to believe that Bec lied about what happened. Jace interprets them, unaware that Seth is the father of Delilah. Later, the two are together when Jace returns and then strangles Seth, demanding to know who attacked Bec. Later, Jace accuses Bec of dating the werewolf who is also the father of Delilah. Bec says that that is a lie and walks away. Robert and Maryse also question Bec but she sticks with the argument that it is a lie. At the battle on Valentine's ship, the two were fighting next to each other, Seth in wolf form.

In CoG, Bec's leaving for Idris with the rest of her family when they are attacked. Since Seth is watching her from a distance in case something like that happens, he helps fight them off. He quickly turns human so he can hug Bec goodbye before she leaves. The two say their goodbyes before Bec leaves with Delilah to Idris. They don't see each other again until the New York pack arrives to Idris where they hug. Seth tells her to never scare him like that again and to shut him up, Bec kisses him.

Luke tells Seth to stay behind and take care of Bec and Delilah. At first Seth objects saying that he wants to fight and Luke responds with "I know you do Seth, you've been a werewolf your whole life and in all that time, it's all you ever wanted, fighting. But think about it, Rebecca just lost her brother and almost lost her daughter, can you imagine what she'd go through if she loses you." After this, Seth agrees to stay for Bec. He comforts Bec since she recently lost Max and is still mourning him greatly.

In the Epilogue, Bec and Seth are celebrating together, along with Delilah who is in Bec's arms. Seth has one arm around Bec and Bec says that Delilah has Seth's eyes. Seth smiles but Clary and Jace heard Bec's comment and Bec gives them a sneaky smile. Robert seems to disapprove greatly of the relationship, seen when he's glaring at Seth and Bec who ignore it. When the fireworks go off, the two kiss.

As of CoFA, the two live together with Delilah as Bec states that they need to be a family together. The real reason why she moved in with Seth was because she was afraid Robert would try to kill Delilah again. Bec is also considering becoming a werewolf for Seth and because of her father's everlasting hatred for her.


Delilah is the daughter of Rebecca Lightwood. She is first seen in the CoA being held by Bec when Izzy, Jace and Alec return to the Institute. Maryse is protective of Delilah, shown when she told Bec to put Delilah to sleep when she saw Jace. Delilah is taken to meet the New York wolf pack the day after the CoA is finished. The wolf pack shows some concern for Delilah's safety, since Delilah is somewhat a member of their pack.

In CoG, Delilah goes with Bec to Idris. When Aline meets Delilah, Aline says she never met a Shadowhunter to have a child at sixteen. Delilah is sleeping when the wards are taken down and she is taken by Bec into hiding. When Bec and Izzy go to get weapons, Bec leaves Delilah with Max. When Max is killed by Sebastian, he keeps Delilah quite so she can't alert Bec or Izzy.

Delilah is later seen in her mother's arms after Max's funeral. Since Bec is extremely close to breaking into tears again, Jace tries to cheer Bec up and hugs Bec. Since Jace is the only one who knows about Delilah's father, Jace mutters to Bec that "he'd be so proud of her."

At the end of the book, Delilah is seen with both of her parents. As always, Bec is holding her as the three sit down, waiting for the fireworks. Here it is revelled by Bec that Seth is Delilah's biological daughter when Bec says that Delilah inherited Seth's eyes.

Izzy and Bec are twin sisters, so they have known each other their whole life. Izzy is said to have been generally concerned for Bec when Bec became pregnant with Delilah. Also, Bec is seen to be easily worried for Izzy and wished Izzy could learn to love a person. Izzy is also the only Lightwood to immediately accept Bec's choices and wishes Bec and Seth happiness and also says to Bec "you deserve it." So, it is seen that the two have an extremely close bond as one of Delilah's middle names is Isabelle.

Alec is Bec's older brother and they are seen to be extremely close. Bec knew about Alec's sexuality and tried to keep their parents off his trail. It is revealed that the reason she didn't come out about having a werewolf boyfriend and instead told her parents she was raped was to get Maryse and Robert of Alec's trail. Alec is extremely protective of Bec and warns Seth that "if you hurt my sister in anyway, have it noted that you will regret it." All in all, Alec and Bec are extremely close siblings and have been proven to do anything for each other.

Max was the younger brother Bec. It is unknown just how close they were as they aren't seen to interact much. Though Bec does love her little brother a lot and does play around with him sometimes. Because of Max's age, Bec never told him about the pregnancy, stating that "a nine year old shouldn't be pressured like that." When Max dies, Bec wasn't able to stop crying for him. Jace says to Clary that "the girls are showing their grieve." So we can presume that ultimately, Bec loved her younger brother greatly.

Jace is the adoptive brother of Bec. They first met when Jace was ten and Bec was nine. Bec didn't like Jace at first because he seemed to "not care about anyone or anything like he has no humanity." In the end, they bonded over Shadowhunting, something they both greatly loved. Jace is seen to be slightly over protective of Bec as seen when he strangled Seth, believing Seth had attacked Bec. He also smacks her across the face which horrifies the other Lightwoods. In the CoG though, he is the one who tries to cheer her up when Max dies and is also the person who first accepted Bec's choice, though not straight away like Izzy. So, it is seen that Jace and Bec love each other greatly.

Maryse is Bec's mother. Maryse is seen to love her daughter greatly and is seen to accept any choice Bec makes about her life. Maryse is seen to only disapprove of Bec's relationship with Seth as Maryse is afraid that Seth will hurt Bec greatly. Bec respects her mother greatly and picked Maryse as Delilah's second middle name. Throughout the Mortal Instruments, even though Bec and Maryse do argue on occasions they do love and care for each other. Maryse does warn Bec to be careful when it comes to men and to be absolutely sure that she's found the one before she lets him in. Bec does come to Maryse often for help with Delilah.

Robert is Bec's father. Robert at first seems to care about Bec though he hates her because of the fact that she fell in love with a Downworlder and had a child with one. He has called her a "pathetic child who doesn't deserve to be a Shadowhunter or any right to the name Lightwood." In return, Bec hates Robert as he can't accept something "he has no power over." Ever since Robert persuaded a werewolf to kill Delilah, she says that he is no longer her father and has no right to see Delilah. This is the real reason Bec starts living with Seth and is considering turning into a werewolf.


Jemima is Bec's best friend. They have been best friends for years and see each other whenever Jemima visits New York or when Bec visits Idris. Jemima was the first one to know about Seth and Bec's relationship as she caught them kissing one night a year before the events of the CoB. It is revealed the two have known each other since they were little and do sometimes hunt demons together. To prove their trust in one another, Jemima is the legal guardian of Delilah and was the second to know about whether Bec should become a werewolf or not, with Luke being the third and Seth being the first.

Maia and Bec are extremely close friends. After Jace destroyed half the bar and Bec and Seth arrive, Maia talks to them. Maia tells them what happened and Bec couldn't help but smile and tells Maia that her adoptive brother is "one for losing his small temper easily." The two are often seen hanging out together. When it's revealed Simon "cheated" on Maia with Izzy, Bec is torn. Maia assures Bec she doesn't have to support just one of them. At Luke's and Jocelyn's engagement party, Maia and Bec are talking to one another. Bec asks Maia what she thinks about being a werewolf and a confused Maia tells her. Bec also says that Maia is her second closest friend, with Jemima being the first.

Clary and Bec are good friends. Bec was the first Lightwood to be nice to Clary because of what Seth told her. Clary asks Bec about her pregnancy and Bec tells Clary the same story she told her family, a werewolf attacked and raped her. At the end of the book, Bec whispers to Clary that Clary and Jace are bound. Throughout the series, the two have a good friendship and do sometimes come to one another for a word of advice.

Simon and Bec are good friends. Bec has some minor hatred towards him for hurting Izzy by "cheating" on Izzy but she does let Simon explain his side of the story. Bec does try to warn Simon that Izzy will break his heart but he ignores her warnings and dates Izzy. Bec respects Simon because of his loyalty to Izzy. Eventually, they become friends again and Bec jokes around with him when they see each other.

Luke and Bec are seen to be friends. It is possible they met during the CoB since Seth is a member of Luke's pack. Luke mentions Bec indirectly to Seth saying "you should be worried Seth, her parents will lose their minds when they find out you're dating their daughter." Luke also treats Bec as a member of the pack and does babysit Delilah as a huge favour for Seth and Bec. Bec attends Luke's and Jocelyn's engagement party and it's revealed she's never met Jocelyn before then. In the CoLS, she is horrified to learn that he might die. At the end of CoLS, Luke knows something is bugging Bec and tries to talk to her. She reveals to him what's going on, whether or not to become a werewolf. Luke tells her to be absolutely certain that everything is worth it and leaves her to think it over.

Magnus and Bec are seen to be somewhat friends. It is known that they met just before the CoB as Magnus reveals to Alec, Jace and Clary that "a pregnant Lightwood came by about a baby she's carrying only eight months ago," implying that Bec came to see him about the child. He revealed to her that the child will be a Hybrid. He also healed Bec after she was poisoned by a demon in CoFA. The two help each other out and are friends.


Well, Bec hates his guts, no matter what. When posing as Sebastian, the two didn't get along much and bickered with one another, with Sebastian saying Shadowhunters shouldn't become pregnant when teenagers, that it was a mundane thing to do. When he killed Max and knocked Izzy and Bec out, Bec comes to loath his guts. Bec celebrates greatly when she learns he is dead. When she learns he took Jace, she "threw the wine glass on the wall, even Seth looked freaked out." So, no arguments, Bec absolutely hates Jonathan Christopher Morgenstern.



Sabrina Desales was cast to play Bec for the The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones


  • Rebecca means 'Servant of God' in Hebrew
  • Rachel means 'Ewe' in Hebrew


  • Rebecca is right handed and is extremely good at guitar and piano
  • Rebecca loves Italian food
  • Rebecca is the mother of a Shadowhunter/Werewolf Hybrid baby
  • Rebecca is extremely good at languages
  • Rebecca's daughter Delilah middle names are Isabelle after Bec's sister and Maryse after Bec's mother
  • Rebecca has been dating Seth two years prior to The Mortal Instruments



  • City of Bones
  • City of Bones (film)
  • City of Ashes
  • City of Glass
  • City of Fallen Angels
  • City of Lost Souls
  • City of Heavenly Fire

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