Biologically FamilyEdit

Lucius MalfoyEdit

Narcissa MalfoyEdit

Draco MalfoyEdit

Scorpius MalfoyEdit

Astoria MalfoyEdit

Bellatrix LestrangeEdit

Rodolphus LestrangeEdit

Andromeda TonksEdit

Ted TonksEdit

Nymphadora TonksEdit

Remus LupinEdit

Sirius BlackEdit

Malfoy FamilyEdit

Black FamilyEdit

Adoptive FamilyEdit

Orelius CaronEdit

Petronella CaronEdit

Felix CaronEdit

Emily CaronEdit

Dexter CaronEdit

Bellona CaronEdit

Aurelius CaronEdit

Gemma CaronEdit

Terence ZayEdit

Miranda CaronEdit

Caron FamilyEdit

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