This roleplay character belongs to Kelsi and is roleplayed by coming soon. Claudia is apart of The Slayer Academy group/genre, and can be found here

Robbie Clarkson
Name Robert Clarkson
Aliases 'Robbie' (by everyone)
Ghost Whisperer
Status Alive
Classification Human (originally)
Portal/Medium (currently)
Affiliation Slayer Academy
Known Relatives Louise Clarkson (sister)
Lewis Clarkson (father)
Karen Tyson(mother)
Nana Clarkson(grandmother)
Notable powers Mediumship
Portrayed by  Hunter Parrish

"I see dead people."

Robert Clarkson, (more commonly known as Robbie) is something called a 'Portal' and the older twin brother to Louise Clarkson. He's the only son to Karen Tyson and Lewis Clarkson. He's the grandson of Macey Clarkson. Robbie was born exactly twelve minutes before his younger sister. He is the first male 'medium' of his family in several generations.


Early LifeEdit


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