In Growing Pains, Stefan is first seen with Elena when she first wakes up in her bedroom, along with Damon. Stefan then tells Elena that she was in an accident and that she had vampire blood in her system. Unfortunately, she drowned in the accident and in so many other words, Stefan told Elena she was in transition. Stefan was shown to be extremely guilty over the fact that Elena was transitioning into a vampire and therefore being denied of her human future. He and Damon were arguing over what to do. Stefan wanted to find options and every possible way out of her transition, while Damon wanted her to feed on human blood to complete the transition because he didn't believe it was possible to find a way out. Unexpectedly, Stefan, along with Elena and Rebekah are all captured and then imprisoned in a cell. It is there where Stefan confesses his regrets about Elena not feeding in order to complete her transition. In a heartfelt moment with Elena and with Elena withering away facing possible death due to lack of blood, Stefan confesses that he loves Elena so much. Elena also confesses that she had chosen him over Damon and that the reason she was on that bridge was because she was coming back for Stefan. Elena tells Stefan that no matter what happens (to her and to them), it's the best choice she has ever made. Desperate to save Elena, Stefan quietly plots with Rebekah to scare one of the guards.

[1]Stefan comforts Elena

With the help of Rebekah, Stefan brutally kills a guard by cracking his head open. Stefan then warns Elena before it's too late that there is access to blood on the ground. A weakened Elena, with all of her strength, has her first taste of human blood and therefore, completes the transition. After Stefan, Elena and Rebekah escape and are let free, Stefan then saves Matt using his vampire blood to heal him after Damon had bitten him. Matt then tells Stefan that he wishes that he would stop saving him and that Stefan should have let him drown, otherwise Elena wouldn't be a vampire. Stefan tells Matt that he wasn't his first choice and that he wanted to save Elena first, but Elena wouldn't allow that. Stefan tells Matt that Elena put his (Matt) life before her own so that he can live and function as a normal person and because of that, Matt had better appreciate it and earn it.

[2]Stefan and Elena share a romantic moment

Stefan is seen with Elena on the rooftop of the Salvatore mansion. Stefan tries to reassure Elena that although there is already much chaos with the vampire hunters, everything will be okay because he believes that Damon already has a revenge plan cooked up. Stefan then tells Elena that he wishes that he could let Elena know that everything is going to be okay, that he wishes that Elena could never feel pain and that she'll never crave blood but unfortunately, she will. Stefan tells Elena that her craving blood will be the worst thing that she has to live through as a vampire. Elena then tells Stefan that even though there will be struggles, she will get to live and she will get to be with Stefan forever and spend an eternity with him. Stefan then gives Elena a daylight ring, which was made by Bonnie, just in case. Stefan puts the daylight ring on Elena's finger and Stefan tells Elena that they will take it one day at a time. They then share a romantic moment as they kiss and watch the sunrise together.

In Memorial, Stefan wakes up in the morning in the woods with Elena, so that they can get ready to hunt forest animals together. In a separate scene, Stefan is seen in his bedroom arguing with Damon about Elena's feeding methods and her diet as a vampire. Stefan tells Damon that he wants her to try the animal blood diet and not feed on the blood of humans straight from the vein, the way Damon is suggesting Elena live her vampire life. Stefan tells Damon that Elena's compassion is her Achilles heel and if she were to harm or kill someone, she would feel immense guilt and pain, especially now that her emotions are heightened. Stefan fears that Elena, whose blood lust is currently out of control due to being newly turned, will kill someone, feel immense guilt and suffering and therefore, have the urge to shut off her humanity switch afterwards. Stefan and Elena are in the woods together and Stefan is trying to teach Elena methods on how to hunt for forest animals.

However, Elena is distracted by Stefan's embrace and touch and her overwhelming sense of passion and desire for Stefan. Elena describes Stefan touching her as if he is literally touching every single nerve on her body, implying that she finds Stefan's touch electrifying. Stefan tells Elena that when you are a vampire, everything is heightened, including your emotions, sight, smell, sound, taste and touch. Elena, overwhelmed with passion and sexual desire for Stefan, begins to passionately make out with Stefan against a tree. During the passionate make out session, Elena begins to feel sick and pushes Stefan away. She runs away using her super speed and vomits up the animal blood. Elena is seen in Stefan's bedroom calling Caroline and asking her for help on her having adjustment issues. Stefan then walks into the bedroom with Elena sitting on the bed and comes in with two glasses and a bottle of champagne. Stefan tells Elena that they should celebrate her first feed and for surviving it even though it was traumatic, horrible and disgusting.

Elena tells Stefan that she didn't really survive the first feeding and that it kind of made her sick. Stefan tells Elena that he choked down the animal blood for a month before he could stomach the taste of it and that eventually, with time, it will get much easier. Elena tells Stefan that he so cheery for such dire situations and Stefan responds to Elena by saying that is because she is here and that she is alive-ish and that she will get through the issues. Stefan appears extremely hopeful and optimistic that Elena is going to get through the issues but Elena keeps it a secret that she can't keep any of the animal blood down from Stefan. Stefan lets Elena open the champagne and she decides to go along with the celebration with Stefan. Stefan and Elena kiss and are then interrupted by a phone call from Damon.

[3]Stefan removing wooden bullets from Tyler's chest

After Tyler getting shot by Connor, Tyler and Caroline go to the Salvatore mansion, where Stefan is seen removing special bullets out of Tyler's chest. Stefan tells Tyler that the bullets he were shot with were specially carved and made and that if he were a normal vampire and not a Hybrid, he would be dead. Tyler tells Stefan that the hunter who shot him knew what he was doing and that his gloves were covered in vervain. Tyler tells Stefan that he was looking for a vampire and that he didn't hesitate for a second when he found one. Stefan curiously observes the special bullets and says that the etchings on the bullets are suspicious. When Stefan touches one of the bullets, it causes pain to Stefan's hand implying that the special bullets might be spelled with something that is harmful to vampires. Out of concern for the safety for the others, Stefan goes to Bonnie's home and knocks on the door, telling Bonnie that it is important. Bonnie is seen depressed and sad lying down on her living room couch. Bonnie comes to the door and sees Stefan.

[4]Stefan comforts Bonnie

Stefan sees that Bonnie is very distraught and upset and concerned, he asks Bonnie if she is alright. Stefan tries to step into the house so that he could embrace Bonnie but he is unable to come into the house due to a lack of invitation. Stefan then asks Bonnie if he could come in, she says yes and he goes to comfort and hug a crying Bonnie. Bonnie then tells Stefan that when she was conducting the spell, it was like her Grams was dying all over again, just because she didn't listen to her Gram about doing Black Magic. Stefan tells Bonnie that she was dealing with the Other Side, that it is not reliable and that he thinks that the witches might be possibly messing with Bonnie's head by trying to teach her a lesson. Bonnie tells Stefan that she had tried to a basic nature spell in order to clear her head but all it ended up doing was bringing everything back, like it was happening all over again. Stefan listens to Bonnie sympathetically and compassionately.

Bonnie tells Stefan that she is sorry if she is distant and avoiding everyone and that she is doing so because she is depressed and a mess. Bonnie then asks Stefan what is wrong and why he decided to come by. Stefan tells her that is not that important considering what Bonnie is going through and decides to forget it. Bonnie tells Stefan that it's okay and that he is not a drop by kind of guy and that is seemed to be something important so Bonnie urges Stefan to tell her what is wrong. Stefan then shows Bonnie the special bullets that he took out of Tyler and tells her that the bullets burnt to the touch, that the bullets could be just steeped in vervain. Stefan then goes on to ask Bonnie if she had ever seen the writing on the bullets before. Bonnie then tells Stefan that she has not seen the writing on the bullets before and that it is not magical writing if it was what Stefan was originally thinking. Stefan then tells Bonnie that he thinks they have a new vampire hunter in town.

After Damon gets Elena a change of clothes after she vomits Damon's blood, Elena then goes behind a tree and drinks blood from a blood bag that Damon gave to her. Stefan then sees Damon with Elena walking away and asks Damon what is in the bag. Damon tells Stefan that he brought the blood bag for Elena. Stefan then asks Damon if he is really that intent on having his way. Damon tells Stefan that it is not his way, that it is the only way. Stefan then tells Damon that if Elena happens to hurt or harm someone, she will be desperate to turn the guilt off and especially desperate enough to shut off her humanity afterwards.

Damon tells Stefan that he is just afraid that Elena will turn out like Stefan to be a Ripper. Stefan then tells Damon that he cannot and will not let Elena turn out anything like him (Stefan). Damon says to Stefan that God forbid that she turned out anything like himself, which is what Stefan was probably really thinking. Damon tells Stefan that Elena is eventually going to lose control on her blood lust, go off the rails so the faster that it happens, the sooner that she can get back on track. Stefan continues to argue with Damon and tells him that Elena is strong, that if they help her she can survive this. Damon then argues back and tells Stefan that she is starving and reveals to Stefan that Elena has been keeping all blood sources down for days. Stefan is surprised by this and tells Damon that he thought that Elena was fine. Damon tells Stefan that she lied and that she couldn't keep any blood sources down, including animal blood, human blood from a blood bag and Damon's blood. Stefan looks shocked and questions Damon about Elena drinking or feeding from him.

[5]Stefan at the memorial

Stefan walks into the church and walks up to Tyler and Caroline. Concerned for Tyler's safety, Stefan questions what Tyler is doing out at the memorial service. Tyler tells Stefan that he is being sensitive to the community's loss. Stefan asks Tyler that he is doing so even with a hunter out to kill him. Tyler tells Stefan that he is not going to let a hunter try to stop him from where he is supposed to be. Caroline then tells Stefan that if the hunter happens to show his face, she will kick his ass. Stefan then goes to find a seat and sits down as Carol begins the service for Pastor Young. Elena goes up to the podium to say a few words in Pastor Young's memory. Damon then comes into the church, dipping his fingers in holy water and doing the cross. Damon then sits down beside Stefan and watches Elena as she begins to give her speech. Damon tells Stefan that Elena is not looking so good.

Stefan tells Damon that maybe he should have told her from the beginning that Elena was rejecting all blood or food sources. Damon says that jealousy is beneath Stefan, with Stefan responding to Damon with "Oh, bite me". As Elena is giving her speech, she begins to see blood dripping from the ceiling due to April being stabbed by Connor, setting up a trap in order to shoot and kill Elena. Stefan, Damon, Caroline and Tyler and Elena included, all smell blood and Damon tells everyone to not move and don't turn around because it is a trap. Elena begins to slowly lose control of her bloodlust as she sees the blood dripping off the ceiling. Just as Elena's eyes go veiny, Stefan comes up to the podium and comforts and helps Elena off the stage back to their seats. Elena, overwhelmed with bloodlust, holds onto and tells Stefan that she smells so much blood and that she is having hard time controlling her hunger.

Stefan comforts her and tries to get her to calm down by pushing back, breathing and focusing so that her blood lust doesn't overtake her. Matt asks Stefan what's wrong with Elena and Stefan tells him that Elena is hungry and that she hasn't fed. Matt tells Stefan to get Elena out of the church, but Stefan tells him that they can't because they are being watched and there a trap. Damon tells Stefan that he is going to rip Connor's head off but Stefan tells Damon to not do so, because then he would risk exposing all of them. Damon tells Stefan that the risk would be diminished if he just went and killed Connor right then and there.

Elena tells Stefan that she is really losing it and that he blood lust and hunger is overtaking her. Damon tells Stefan that he has ten seconds before he goes to kill Connor but Stefan tells him to not do it. Just as Damon is about to get up to go attack and kill Connor, Matt then tells Elena to feed from him, telling both Elena and Stefan that it's okay, because everyone will think that Elena is just upset. Elena, looks to Stefan for his approval, before Stefan gently lets Matt take Elena into a comforting embrace. Matt looks at Stefan slightly worried and Stefan looks back at Matt with sheer concern. Elena feeds on Matt's neck and afterwards, thanks him for letting her do so. Elena then tells Stefan that she can still smell the blood and that it has got to be April who is in trouble and that she has to help her. Stefan, worried for everyone's safety, Elena included, tells Elena that it is too risky and that they can't risk it at the moment. Tyler is then shot and Stefan, along with Carol, Caroline and Elena, goes to check on Tyler to see if he is okay. Once Tyler has the bullet taken out of his chest by Caroline, Stefan tells Elena that he is going to find Damon.

Damon goes to attack and kill Connor, but as Connor is prepared to stake Damon, Connor is scared off when Stefan calls for Damon. Stefan then runs up to Damon to see if he is okay and offers Damon his hand. Instead of helping Damon up, Stefan punches Damon in the face. Damon asks what the punch was for and Stefan responds with "You know what" and then afterwards, walks away. Back at the Salvatore mansion, Stefan and Elena are sitting in the living room. Stefan pours Elena alcohol and hands it to her. Elena smells the alcohol and is immediately overwhelmed by the strong smell.

Stefan pours himself a drink and tells Elena that drinking the alcohol helps with the cravings for human blood. Elena slowly drinks as well as Stefan. Elena tells Stefan that he seems mad. Stefan then lets Elena know that he is indeed mad because Elena lied to him. Elena says that she didn't lie to him, she just didn't tell him everything that was going on. Stefan doesn't buy it and tells Elena again, that she lied to him. Elena tells Stefan that he was just so happy that things seemed to be going fine. Stefan interrupts Elena and asks Elena if she really thinks that he's happy. Elena tells Stefan that she didn't want to ruin it for him by bringing him down and spoiling his optimism and hope in everything. Stefan tells Elena that she is in hell, which means that he is in hell as well and that instead of coming to him, she went to Damon for help instead.

Elena tells Stefan that she felt that Damon would understand and Stefan questions Elena asking if she thinks that he (Stefan) doesn't understand as well. Elena pleads with Stefan and Stefan, frustrated, tells Elena that she fed on Damon. He then goes on to say that it may not have meant that much to her but it meant a lot to him and that it certainly meant a lot to Damon. Elena then tells Stefan that she didn't want to tell him because she did not want to hurt him. She apologizes and begins to cry. Elena then asks why is she crying and says that she is so sick of crying all of the time. Stefan tells her that it is because her emotions are heightened at the moment. Elena continues to tell Stefan that she feels like she has been crying since the day that her parents died and that her life feels like it has been a never ending funeral.

Elena says that they keep burying people and what is really heightened is her feeling everyone's grief, that she can't stop feeling everyone's grief, hurt and suffering and that it feels like it is going to explode out of her. Stefan sympathetically comforts her and tries to calm her down. He then tells her to come with him and that they have to do something. At the school, Stefan gathers everyone together (Elena, Matt, Jeremy, Caroline, Damon and Bonnie) to do the memorial that they didn't have a chance to finish. Stefan tells Damon and everyone else that they need to start healing because everyone has lost so much and suffered so much grief. Damon objects to Stefan's idea and thinks that they have more important things to be doing such as finding out who the new vampire hunter is in town. Stefan objects to Damon and says that not tonight, they don't. Stefan then lights a Japanese floating lantern in memory of his Uncle Zach, his best friend Lexi and for Alaric. He, along with everyone else who lit a lantern, lets go of his lantern into the sky.

In The Five, Stefan walks into the living room and sees Damon unpacking boxes with unknown stuff in it. Stefan asks Damon what are in all of the boxes. Damon tells Stefan that they are a bunch of items that Damon took from Connor's RV, afterwards mentioning that Connor is also dead. Damon goes on to tell Stefan that he in the search of a supernatural handbook. Stefan asks Damon if he knew for a fact that he was supernatural. Damon tells Stefan that it definitely wasn't natural. Damon then says that the guy magically appears and then someone blows up the entire Founders Council. Damon tells Stefan that Connor is covered i a special tattoo that only Jeremy Gilbert is able to see.

Damon tells Stefan that Klaus had mentioned to him that Connor was possibly one of The Five and then he kamikaze's himself with explosives. Stefan then questions Damon about what The Five is. Damon tells Stefan that he is hoping that he finds it out in the first chapter of the handbook. Damon then gets a phone call and picks it up as Stefan starts to unpack all of the items and look through them. Damon gets a call from Sheriff Forbes. Damon is concerned about the news in which Liz is giving to Damon. Stefan wonders if Damon is gonna tell him what was going on. Damon tells Stefan that he can't tell Stefan and that it's private, and that they are in a fight. Stefan tells Damon that he's the one who is in a fight, that he's not in a fight with him and that he's over it.

Damon questions Stefan if he is still mad about Elena blood sharing with him. Stefan tells Damon that he let her feed off of him and that he is always going to be mad at him for that but that they are technically not in a fight. Damon then gives in and tells Stefan that there were no remains of Connor's body left at the explosion site. Stefan then says that Connor is still out there. Damon then tells Stefan that he needs him to get out to investigate about the Connor situation and that he needs to take Elena to college. Stefan questions Damon about taking Elena to college. Damon tells Stefan that he is going to take Elena to college in order to teach her how to feed effectively. Damon tells Stefan that Elena needs to learn "snatch, feed, erase" now more than ever. Before Stefan has the chance to respond, Damon tells him to not debate him because they are not in a fight as Stefan had said earlier. Damon then leaves the room with a confused Stefan.

[6]Stefan and Elena in Woods

Stefan and Elena are in the woods together. Elena tells Stefan that it may sound crazy about Damon taking her to college in order to learn how to feed but that she has to do it. Elena continues to tell Stefan that Damon had to rip Elena off of Matt when she was feeding on him and compel Matt to forget what happened afterwards. Elena tells Stefan that she cannot drink animal blood or human blood from blood bags, but that she has to drink human blood straight from the vein, possibly due to her Doppelgänger curse. As Elena is explaining to Stefan about her feeding and diet issues, Stefan shoots an arrow towards Elena but it misses her and hits the tree behind her instead.

Stefan tells Elena that her reflexes are a little bit slow and that the arrow almost got her. Elena pulls the arrow out of the tree and tells Stefan that was the reason that they were not using the wooden arrows for hunter's defense class. Elena throws the arrow back at Stefan playfully and it misses Stefan. Stefan and Elena smile at each other playfully. Stefan then tells Elena if she thinks Caroline would be a good teacher for her because she is a genius at self-control. Elena tells Stefan that Caroline is too good at self-control and that she doesn't understand how hard it is; the struggle for human blood. Elena then tells Stefan that for him, it's really hard for him to be around all of the human blood and that Elena cannot subject Stefan to that difficulty.

Stefan super speeds behind Elena with an arrow in his hand and playfully holds her. Stefan then tells Elena that since he and Caroline don't seem to be any help in teaching Elena how to feed, that only leaves Damon to do it. Elena playfully flips Stefan to the ground and sits on top of him holding the arrow to his throat. Elena tells Stefan to not be jealous and that she wishes that it could be Stefan to teach her the concept of self-control. Stefan tells Elena that he knows that she wishes that it could be him. Stefan super speeds up and affectionately holds Elena. Elena tells Stefan that she and Damon are crashing Bonnie's trip to Whitmore College because the professor that took over Gram's classes had invited her to come to the college. Elena tells Stefan that he is the one who is getting her through all of the struggles and issues with being a vampire, regardless of who teaches her how to feed effectively. Stefan then nods agreeably and then super speeds, pushing Elena back against a tree playfully. Stefan then tells Elena to be careful and that the blood, the feed is easy to get caught up in it. Elena tells Stefan that she promises to be careful. Stefan and Elena put their heads together and share a romantic moment.

Klaus is seen walking into a room where Connor is chained to a wall. Klaus then senses that Stefan is in the house and that he will have to beef up the hybrid security around the premises. Stefan tells Klaus that he would've taken Connor out of Klaus' house, but that he didn't because Klaus went through all the trouble in order to trap Connor in his special room of pain in the first place. Klaus tells Stefan that it is from the Inquisition and that he thought that it was a nice touch. Stefan then questions what Klaus got out of Connor. Klaus tells Stefan that he didn't get enough information out of Connor. Klaus continues saying that Connor is being quiet about the Council fire and that he is also not saying anything about the "greater evil" that everyone is supposed to be shivering over.

Klaus then questions what brings Stefan to the house snooping. Stefan tells Klaus that whatever he has to say, he cannot say in front of Connor as Connor cannot be compelled. Klaus then tells Connor that he is full of mysteries. Connor tells both Klaus and Stefan that he doesn't know anything. Klaus then says that thankfully, he knows plenty. Klaus then escorts Stefan into a separate room. Klaus questions Stefan again why he invaded Klaus' house. Stefan tells Klaus that Damon had told him that Klaus knew something about Connor and that Stefan should've known that Klaus was up to something when he used his hybrid blood to heal Elena when she had werewolf venom in her system without asking for anything in return from Stefan. Klaus tells Stefan that he healed Elena because he was simply feeling benevolent. Stefan then tells Klaus that he is never benevolent and again, questions Klaus about who Connor really is and what The Five is. Klaus then tells Stefan that he has asked so many questions.

Stefan tells Klaus that it was a good thing that he had nothing to do, except get answers from Klaus. Klaus then gives in and then tells Stefan that he might actually be useful in persuading Rebekah to cooperate with Klaus. Klaus tells Stefan that the brotherhood of The Five was a group of highly skilled vampire hunters and that Klaus and his siblings had crossed paths with them in the 12th century, Italy. Klaus continues to tell Stefan that he and his siblings had followed the Normans as they conquered the South, feeding and turning people as they went. But due to Klaus and his siblings killing humans and turning them, they began to become exposed to humans. Stefan then questions Klaus that these vampire hunters have been around for 900 years. Klaus tells Stefan that yes and that Connor is the very first vampire hunter that he has seen since the 12th century.

Klaus tells Stefan that he wonders what these vampire hunters have been up to for all of the past years. Stefan questions if Rebekah had a "thing" with one of the vampire hunters. Klaus tells Stefan that Rebekah didn't just have a fling, she was in love with one of them. The hunter whom Rebekah had fallen in love with (Alexander), had told Rebekah all of his deep secrets, which Klaus says that he would share with Stefan if he did Klaus a favor. Stefan questions what Klaus wants him to do. Klaus tells Stefan to persuade Rebekah over at the house; Klaus says that Rebekah is being stubborn and hateful and that he needs to make peace with her. Klaus tells Stefan that he wants Rebekah to give him some very important information regarding the hunter, which she wouldn't do if he and Rebekah don't make up. Stefan questions Klaus what's in it for him if he does persuade Rebekah. Klaus doesn't say and tells Stefan to just get Rebekah over at the house and then he will tell him. Klaus tells Stefan to trust him when he says that Connor holds the answer to all of Stefan's prayers.

Rebekah and April are sitting at a table at the Grill. Stefan comes up to them and sits next to April. He then compels April and tells her that she will not remember anything of what is being discussed right in front of her. Stefan then tells Rebekah that Klaus wants him to fake peace with her so that they can talk about The Five. Rebekah tells Stefan that he's sure that he does and that afterwards, Klaus will just betray you because it;'s what he always does. Stefan then tells Rebekah to forget about helping Klaus and to just help him instead. Rebekah question Stefan why because Stefan hates her more then Klaus does. Stefan tells Rebekah that he wants to figure out what Klaus is up to and that he can also give Rebekah the one thing that Klaus won't.

Rebekah questions Stefan on what that would be. Stefan tells Rebekah a clean slate. Stefan then tells Rebekah that he is not necessarily willing to forgive Rebekah for what she did to Elena but that he is willing to put his anger towards her aside and start over. Rebekah question Stefan on why he would do that. Stefan tells her because it seems as though Rebekah is not leaving town any time soon and that he wants to look for a way where they can all get along. Stefan then goes on and says that Rebekah can't be too happy about wandering around school with no friends. Rebekah snaps back at Stefan sarcastically and says that what if she doesn't care what he or anyone else thinks. Stefan then tells Rebekah that he is sure that she cares about what Matt thinks and that maybe, he can talk to Matt about a clean slate with Rebekah.

After Stefan persuades Rebekah, he brings Rebekah back to Klaus' place. Rebekah sees Connor chained up and asks Stefan and Klaus if it's a trick. Rebekah questions Klaus and asks him how does he know that Connor is a part of The Five if there is no tattoo visible. Klaus tells Rebekah that his tattoo is invisible. Klaus then tells Stefan and Rebekah to eat in the dining room. Klaus, Rebekah and Stefan are all sitting at the dining room table eating dinner. Klaus tells Stefan and Rebekah that he could kiss the Council for burning all of the vervain in town and that they have made his life so much easier. Klaus then tells Rebekah to eat her veggies.

Rebekah tells Klaus that she is not eating until Klaus apologizes to her. Klaus questions for which indiscretion for there have been so many. Klaus and Rebekah start to bicker, with Rebekah telling Klaus that he broke her neck and Klaus telling Rebekah that she threw away Elena's blood so that he couldn't make any more Hybrids. Klaus and Rebekah continue to bicker back and forth. Stefan then tells Klaus and Rebekah that he can name a million other people that he would rather be eating dinner with. Klaus then apologizes to Rebekah and tells Rebekah that he can't forget how delicate she is. Klaus then tells Rebekah to forgive him. Rebekah tells Klaus that she is willing to take his apology into consideration. Stefan then questions Klaus about Rebekah's hunter. Klaus then mentions that Rebekah's hunter's name is Alexander. Klaus then says to Stefan that Alexander was a "nice chap" foregoing the obvious issues. Klaus tells Stefan that Alexander was looking for creatures of the night (vampires), which is why Klaus, Elijah and Rebekah felt safe being around Alexander while wearing their daylight rings.

After Klaus tells Stefan about Alexander and his history, Stefan questions if that is what it was all about, a special weapon that can destroy all vampires. Rebekah tells Stefan that it is not just any weapon. Klaus tells Rebekah to not get ahead of the story. Stefan then questions both Klaus and Rebekah on how a random weapon is the answer to all of his prayers. When Klaus and Rebekah do not say anything, Stefan tells both of them to cut the dramatics and to get to the point. Klaus tells Stefan that in order to find the special weapon, they need to solve the "puzzle" which seems to have disappeared. Stefan questions Klaus "What puzzle?" Stefan then thinks deeply and comes up with the tattoo being the puzzle. Stefan then questions what the tattoo is and what it means. Klaus tells Stefan that the tattoo is a map, which leads them all towards the treasure.

Rebekah tells both Klaus and Stefan that what good is figuring out the map of a tattoo if they can't even see it. Klaus tells Rebekah and Stefan that they might not be able to see the tattoo, but that there is someone else who can. Klaus then gets his female guard to tell the Hybrid to bring the person in. Klaus tells Stefan that the hunter was so eager to get to the bottom of his tattoo that he had mentioned that there was only one other person that can see the tattoos. The guard then brings Jeremy into the room. Stefan sees that it is Jeremy and super speeds over to him in attempts to protect him, but Klaus super speeds in front of Stefan and tells him that Stefan wouldn't. Klaus tells Stefan that lucky for them, Jeremy is a bit of an artist. Jeremy tells Klaus that he is not going to help him with anything. The Hybrid guard then removes Jeremy's Gilbert ring and tosses it over to Klaus. Klaus then bribes and threatens Jeremy and tells him that he is going to help him whether he likes it or not. Stefan looks on at Jeremy, deeply worried and concerned for his safety.

In The Killer, Stefan is first seen writing in his journal, writing about Elena. He writes that she has been spiraling ever since her transition and at times barely recognizes her, however now he feels there is finally hope after learning ofthe cure. He writes he knows what to do; everything Klaus' tells him to, no matter the cost. He is interrupted by his phone which is a text from Klaus reading 'we have a problem'. Connor has escaped by killing Klaus' hybrid; Nate, in the process taking some of his werewolf venom; presumably to use against the vampires in Mystic Falls. Klaus is in Italy, digging up The Sword of Alexander and tells him that there would be no access to his blood if anyone is bitten. Klaus tells him to find Connor, catch him and keep him alive as his tattoo is the only lead on finding the cure. Stefan wants to tell Damon, who is intent on killing Connor himself and says he trusts his brother more than Klaus. Klaus threatens Stefan with throwing the sword into the Mediterranean if he tells anyone of the cure.


Later, after ignoring Damon and Elena's calls all morning, he appears to help rescue Jeremy, Matt and April from Connor's clutches. Without telling the other's about his knowledge of the cure, he manages to buy himself time to come up with a plan to save the hostages whilst keeping Connor alive by reminding them he may have werewolf venom.

Afterwards, Stefan is walking around outside Mystic Grill, having been cornered off by police due to a 'faulty gas main' speaking with Klaus over the phone about getting his hybrids on board with his plan, a suspicious Elena watching from an upstairs window. He then talks to Elena and Damon and tells them there are three hostages in the Grill, having made out their voices.

Returning back up to Damon and Elena, he explains his plan of having one of Klaus' hybrids enter the Grill first as they are immune to werewolf venom. Damon, becoming in Stefan's words 'paranoid' demands to know why Klaus is even involved in this plan and how he is sure that Connor has venom to begin with. Stefan quickly subdues Damon with vervain after Damon says he will kill Connor himself.

Elena is determined to follow Stefan through the  [8]Stefan calling Connortunnels underground in order to get Jeremy to safety, however he tells her the guilt would wreck her if she killed Connor. Stefan promises to save Jeremy and asks her to trust her, he kisses her before leaving. He calls Connor and reveals he knows about the Hunter's Mark yet Connor refuses to free the hostages until 'you and everyone like you are dead', before hanging up. After making his way through the tunnels, Stefan tells Matt and April to leave before cautiously making his way towards the front, running beneath the bar as Connor shoots at him. He tries to persuade him into putting the gun down to no avail.

After Elena enters, in the guise of being human to the unknowing Connor, Stefan reveals himself after Connor begins a countdown to shoot Jeremy, quickly ducking as he is shot at, Elena tackling Connor. Jeremy, however was shot in the stomach and begins to fall off the bomb trigger beneath his feet however Stefan saves him. Elena, distracted by the bomb blast and Jeremy's location is overpowered by Connor and Stefan manages to push him off her. Elena looks up to see that Connor and Stefan have disappeared.

Stefan is later seen walking up to Elena in the graveyard with Damon, where she is burying Connor. She tells him angrily that she thought she could trust him. In a conversation with Damon, he thanks him for not telling Elena about 'killing the only chance she had at being human again'. Damon asks if he wants the cure for Elena as he can't love her as a vampire, to which he responds 'I'll always love her, but she's not supposed to be this person'.

In We All Go A Little Mad Sometimes, Stefan shows up at the Gilbert House after receiving a call from Damon that Elena had stabbed and killed Jeremy. He heads upstairs to Elena and says he understands if she is still upset with him from the previous day and wants to help her. She accuses him of working with Klaus and refuses to talk to him after he tells her it isn't what she thinks.

Klaus calls him and soon appears at the house and Stefan demands to know what he does about Elena's hallucinations. Klaus tells him when a hunter is killed, they are unable to fulfill their destiny as spelled to by witches, and therefore are consequences in which the hunter will take their killer down with them as their final kill. Klaus says Elena will need to come with him 'for her own good' to which Stefan refuses. After Elena runs onto the porch after seeing Connor once more, Stefan watches as Klaus quickly snatches Elena and disappears. Stefan and Damon call Bonnie who says if she could do anything to help she would, but the spirits won't allow her to use magic, she says she could ask Shane for help and Stefan leaves.

[9]Calling CarolineHe then calls Caroline and tells her that he needs Tyler to distract the hybrids so he can get inside Klaus' mansion to get Elena out. He goes to the Lockwood mansion where Tyler tells him about Hayley being able to un-sire another hybrid; Chris, making it easier to infiltrate Klaus' mansion. Stefan and Tyler try to persuade Chris into distracting the hybrid's guarding Elena and he relents.  [10]Trying to restrain ElenaAfter relieving the hybrids, Chris gives the key to the room Elena is being held. As he enters, Elena backs away in fear as she sees Connor instead of Stefan, then manages to stab him with a metal pole from the bed and escapes. He then calls Damon, informing him of Elena's escape as he removes the pole from his stomach, telling him that he needs to talk Elena down.

Stefan is next seen, storming through Klaus' mansion and incapacitating Chris, due to Caroline being able to convince Klaus into giving up one of his hybrid's. Stefan apologizes before nodding to Jeremy, who then kills Chris with a meat cleaver.

[11]Stefan and Elena break up

He goes to Elena's house the next day, where she jokes if he killed Damon for telling her of the cure, he says they both want the same thing and have to work together. After Elena asks why he sent Damon to look for her, he says 'it seems he's able to get through to you in ways I can't.' He urges her to admit that she feels for Damon, and realizes her feelings for Damon have been magnified after transitioning. He tells her sadly that he can't do it anymore and they break up.

In My Brother's Keeper, Stefan is doing push ups whilst talking to Caroline over the phone who is trying to persuade him into attending the Miss Mystic Falls Pageant [12]Stefan and KlausHe tells her he and Elena broke up so he doesn't have to be anywhere, Caroline is disgusted at Elena's feelings for Damon and says she will talk to her, however Stefan says it wouldn't do any good as being a vampire has changed her. As Stefan hangs up and stands, Klaus suddenly grabs him in a chokehold and demands why he told people of the cure. He orders Stefan to find some vampires for Jeremy to kill before he offers Stefan up as a victim.

As Stefan leaves the Boarding House, Damon intercepts him and asks where he is going to which Stefan replies 'out'. Damon accuses him of being back to 'Shady Stefan', and working with Klaus, Stefan turns, abruptly telling him that he and Elena broke up. Damon tells him of the plan for them to find another hunter to reveal the map as Jeremy would go 'Connor 2.0', and that Shane maybe able to shed some light on matters after discovering he and Pastor Young were in contact the day he died. After offering some brotherly bonding, Stefan laughs and tells Damon 'let's not pretend this isn't the best day of your life' before leaving.

Stefan is next seen at the hospital, checking through clipboards for potential vampires, and finds a police officer guarding a door. He compels the officer and the man handcuffed who reveals he is a convicted murderer. After learning the man has no regrets other than being caught, Stefan feeds him his blood and snaps his neck.

He then texts Jeremy to meet him and waits in the cellar for him to appear.

[13]Forcing Jeremy to kill

He asks if Jeremy is interested in making Elena human again and he agrees, following Stefan deeper into the cellar to reveal the fugitive who is tied up and in transition. Stefan cuts Jeremy's wrist and gives his blood to the fugitive who completes his transition into a vampire. Stefan thrusts a stake in his hand and demands that Jeremy kill the vampire, who protests but stakes the vampire after Stefan threatens he will let the vampire loose. Whilst on the phone with Damon, he tells Stefan to leave Jeremy out of it, and Stefan responds with 'Elena needs the cure'. Hanging up, Stefan shows Jeremy a picture of Connor's tattoo and asks where the mark is up to. Jeremy won't tell Stefan anything as he can't be trusted, and Stefan tries to compel him into revealing how far the mark has grown, Jeremy however stakes Stefan in the stomach, saying he can't be compelled anymore before leaving.

Stefan then rushes into the house when the out of control Jeremy attempts to stake Elena and pulls the stake from her neck.  [14]She then tries to find Jeremy and Stefan catches up with her, he is silent when Elena asks if he has been making Jeremy kill vampires. She doesn't want her humanity back if it means Jeremy loses his, but Stefan says it's the only way to 'fix all of this'. He looks hurt when Elena tells him that the old Elena died on the bridge and that he should let her go, and leaves after seeing Damon approach.

Later on, Stefan leaves his house after Elena moves in due to not being able to live in the same house as Jeremy anymore, telling her to 'pick a room'. He moves into Caroline's house who tells her he can't give up on the cure- or Elena. Stefan retorts he couldn't even if he wanted to due to Klaus wanting more hybrids with Elena's blood. Caroline suddenly stands after talking about Tyler's hybrid friends being un-sired, and after talking to through with Stefan, he realizes that Elena is sired to Damon.

In We'll Always Have Bourbon Street, Stefan is first seen discussing Damon and Elena's sire bond with Caroline, and stops her from calling Elena until they know for sure. Caroline tells him she will talk to Tyler, and Stefan asks her to keep the information to herself [15]Awkward greeting. Later, he walks into his house and shares an awkward greeting with Elena before telling Damon they need to talk. Off screen, he tells Damon about the potential sire bond who adamantly rejects his claims. After Stefan asks Damon to test the sire bond; for example tell Elena to drink from a blood bag (which she previously cannot do, due to Damon's indirect command), Stefan admits if he is wrong, he will be the first to apologize.

Stefan is on the phone with Caroline, having spoken to Tyler about his own sire bond, she reveals hybrids are sired due to being grateful to Klaus, and Stefan seems upset when she adds there is no vampire equivalent for the reasons behind a sire bond. He hangs up and enters the library where Damon is rummaging around through old papers. Damon tells him that he was right, Elena is sired and Damon holds up a photo Stefan realises of being from New Orleans in 1942. Stefan asks about 'that girl you used to hang around with', to which Damon tells him was Charlotte, a woman he turned. Damon reveals the time when Charlotte killed a sailor after touching Damon's drink, having told her to 'have no mercy', he tells Stefan that was his first clue she was sired. Stefan retorts 'I can only assume you took full advantage of that?' then Damon hands him a paper which readsValerie LaMarche, Stefan looks up curiously and Damon tells him she was the witch who helped break the sire bond.

Later, Stefan and Damon arrive in New Orleans and Stefan says he hasn't been back since 1942. The two begin arguing with Stefan demanding to know 'one thing you've asked her to do, you haven't gotten?', he says he blames the sire bond for Elena feelings and that 'it's impossible for her to be so blind that she doesn't see how wrong you are for her'. Damon walks away, angry to which Stefan apologises.

[16]Stefan and Damon, 1942A flashback shows Stefan, dressed in his war uniform rehearsing lines to Lexiwhich to say to his brother. Stefan walks up to the bar and pats Damon's shoulder and tells him he wishes to 'bury the hatchet' before they hug. Whilst drinking and laughing, Stefan reveals his plans to join the war and seems surprised, yet joyful when Damon requests to join, and says he will speak to his C.O before leaving to get another round of drinks. When he returns, they clink glasses before Charlotte arrives, with a bloody corpse in her arms. Clearly trying to fight his bloodlust as Charlotte tosses the corpse over to him, his fingers bloody and veins appearing underneath his eyes. Damon takes the victim from Stefan before Lexi drags him from the bar.

In the present, Stefan apologises again, saying he 'shouldn't blame him for the sire bond' and asks if Charlotte may still be in New Orleans, then leaves to see 'how literal the sire bond is', after Damon reveals he told her to count all the bricks. After reaching the corner, Stefan bitterly retorts that not telling Elena the truth- as Damon suggested 'is Damon speak for let's just do what's right for me'. After Damon leaves, Stefan looks at the ground, ashamed yet rushes forwards after he hears a commotion in Damon's direction. He pulls a vampire off Damon and asks what the hell happened, looking confused when Damon tells him the vampire kissed him. Stefan looks horrified as the vampire is revealed to be Charlotte, having counted every single brick in New Orleans, waiting for Damon.

Stefan and Damon enter a shop, approached by a woman who Damon quickly asks for Val. The woman, Nandi, tells them Val was her great grandmother and another flashback reveals Val told Damon of a way to break the sire bond with twelve human sacrifices. Back in the present, Stefan is horrified and demands to know whether Damon killed twelve people, looking disgruntled when he says he did.  [17]Stefan and DamonSometime later, Stefan re-enters the shop after Damon and finds out Nandi is actually Val's daughter. She tells them her mother sold Damon a bill of good because she wanted access to Expression, a form of magic which channels the power of human sacrifices. After asking about the sire bond spell, Stefan looks dismayed and upset when she reveals that the only way a vampire bonds to her sire is if she had feelings for them before she was turned, and the only way around the bond is to release her.

[18]Leaving New Orleans

As Stefan and Damon leave New Orleans, Stefan tells him he doesn't think he will be able to let Elena go, as 'selflessness isn't a trait of his'. As Damon tells him of the time when he let Stefan go to war alone, for his own good rather than joining him, Stefan looks shocked. He then says he is upset about losing Elena to him, but when it's all over and if she never feels the same way about him, it'll be her choice.

Stefan is last seen at Caroline's house, feeling sympathetic towards Damon, believing he will do the right thing. He tells her that Damon loves Elena as much as he does so he can't be selfish with her, and will let her go.

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