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Serena Denali
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pre-1000 AD


1000 AD

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  • Red (beofre becoming a vegetarian)
  • Amber (after 3 months as a vegetarian)
  • Gold
  • Black (when thirsty)
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  • Basic Vampire Abilities
  • Self-Control
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Serena is a member of the Denali Coven. Her coven consists of Tanya, Kate, Carmen, Garrett and Eleazar, and to the deceased Laurent and Irina. She, like her family, drinks from animal blood like The Cullens, which they considered them cousins.

She has the ability to heal people, either mentally or physically

She is portrayed by Emilie de Ravin


Early LifeEdit

Serena was born in ancient Slovakia and the biological daughter to Sasha. Sasha turned her when she was old enough. They were soon joined by Tanya, Serena's biological second cousin and Sasha's biological great-niece, Kate and Irina. Serena, Tanya, Kate and Irina are considered to Sasha's adoptive daughters. They have been close as a family since then.

Serena was impacted the most when she found out about her mother's crime of creating an immortal child was revealed. She thought that her mother would least told her about the child transformation, but she soon understand why she did not tell her and her adoptive sisters, she did not want them to know about the child. They watched in horror when the Volturi dismembered and destoryed their mother and the child. Since Sasha's death, this left the sisters traumatized, and as a result they were purists for vampire laws. 

Devastation and heartbroken from Sasha's death became unbearable for the sisters, and they tried to fill it with a long line of flirtations, which were enough tto frequently distract them from their loss. However, every man they courted ended in death due to their inability to resist their blood. This continuous act earned them the title succubus - a demon who seduced men and lured them to their deaths, Serena especially for her power of healing. 

Over time, Serena had enough and went out to find anything to to dull her remorse feelings, that she was hungry and thirsty that she attacked wild animals. She realized that animal blood can satisfied her nutrional needs without weakening her ability to resist human blood. She showed this method to Tanya, Kate and Irina, and in a few centuries they had perfected their vegetarianism, and had also courted many male vampires. 

​When Eleazar and Carmen discovered this diet, Serena and Tanya was happy to shared this to them. As the newcomers became closer to them, Tanya and Serena talk about who should take leader of the coven, and Serena didnt really want to take her mother's role, so naturally Tanya took the leadership of the family. 

They soon met Cullen family, Carlisle was interested in Serena because of her power, they became closest friends. Serena was amused while watching Tanya flirting with the single man, Edward Cullen, as he held no interest in Tanya. Serena knew that this is one of the reaons that the Cullens did not settle in Alaska with them. 

Breaking DawnEdit


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