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The Slayer Academy, is a work of fiction and was created by Kelsi, therefore she owns the idea. Below you'll find the characters and a link leading to their biography. Do not steal this idea, and do not steal any of the characters. FYI, not all the characters belong/stay in the Academy, some of them are characters that hold a significant role in an individuals live and therefore can be roleplayed, or they just fit into the plot, but yeah, you don't have to roleplay an 'Academy character' ]

The Slayer Academy is an institution founded by Rupert Giles, to gather and train the 'Potential' Slayers, that were newly-activated after Willow Rosenburgh invoked the ancient Slayer spell. The Academy itself is run by Giles, and to outsiders, it is labelled as a school for 'young troubled girls' where Giles puts up a face of being the 'Headmaster', however despite this, it's led by former Slayer Faith Lehane; she helps the girls get into shape, and often likes to tell them of her tales.

The Academy has roughly over eighty Slayers, out of the eighteen hundred known to exist worldwide, staying in it, aswell as Watchers, apprentices to the Watchers, a handful of Witches, some humans, and even a couple of vampires.

It's located on the outskirts of London, England, and it's main purpose is to help the Slayers learn more about their abilities, how to fight the vampires, the big bad's, the other mystical creatures out there and generally what it means to be a Vampire Slayer. Despite the bickering that sometimes takes place within the Academy walls, together the girls work as one and use their powers to save the world. A lot.

The WatchersEdit

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The SlayersEdit

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The WitchesEdit

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The ApprenticesEdit

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The HumansEdit

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The VampiresEdit

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The WerewolvesEdit

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