Physical AppearanceEdit

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Sophia is a beautiful young woman with an oval face, almond-shaped brown eyes which are sometimes mistaken as doe-eyes. Her height is about 5'6" and she has a slim, slightly athletic physique. While she naturally has long, wavy, dark brown hair, the one thing that she does go out of her way on her appearance is that she often curls her hair. Occasionally she will straighten it, but she much prefers her curls.

Fashion wise Sophia is the more casual, sporty and girl next door type and doesn't wear a lot of make-up or designer clothes often. Sophia favours wearing jeans, converse sneakers and t-shirts, though she wears fashionable clothes for special occasions or formal events.

She has three long scars running up her arms from her previous suicide attempts, as well as a light scar on the side of her neck where the rope dug in when she attempted to hang herself. Also behind her left ear she has a tattoo of an entwined ‘S’ and ‘L’, standing of course for Sophia and Lukas.


When she was younger Sophia was the perfect child. She was quiet and polite but also a very happy child. Sophia was the only one who was able to calm her brother down from his violent outbursts and her parents attributed this to her generally calming nature. After Lukas’ death though, she fell into a deep depression and she rarely even smiled.

When the dreams from Mammon came she grew terrified and would flinch at the smallest things. She was much more timid then she had once been. As the visions she was given grew worse she became more and more reclusive and to the outside world Sophia seemed to have retreated into herself. The only time Sophia expressed any emotion was when the psychologists would mention her brother and then she would lash out at them.

After her refusal of Mammon her more feisty personality began to come out more. She expressed a lot of anger and vengeance and seemed determined to find a way to destroy the demon that had ripped her family apart. Even through all of this though, she still remained a fairly kind person. She is reluctant to use any of her mental abilities on innocent people and feels incredibly guilty after doing so.

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