Bobby SingerEdit

"I can't watch another father die in a hospital with a bullet in his brain, I just can't. It sucked the first time, and it's going to suck this time. Bobby can't die, not now, not like this he just... he can't okay?"
—Tali to Sam after he tells her there's not much hope.

Sam WinchesterEdit

Sam: "You just busted out of jail, why should I trust you?"
Tali: "You pretended to be a FBI agent, I could ask you the same." [raises eyebrows] "Look, you gotta work with me a bit here, you could at least try to give me the benefit of the doubt."
— Tali trying to persuade Sam to join up with her on a case.

Billie NorthEdit

Billie: "Lily, you know how your nose has that little wonky bit in it?"
Talia: "Yeah, why?"
Billie: "Is that kind of like a badge of honour to you, y'no survivor an' all, or is it like a constant reminder of something you'd really rather forget?"
Talia: "I" [pauses to think of how to answer] "I try not to let things I can't change bother me."
Billie: "Oh, I see" [she hugs Lily, healing her at the same time] "I hope you don't mind... I just healed it."
— Billie Healing Tali's nose.


Gabriel: "I’m not… I’m not so good at romance."
Talia: "Yeah, I noticed."
— Gabriel and Tali talking.

When Dean once suggested that Talia was in love with Gabriel, Billie said that the two of them would have a relationship solely grounded on sass and sarcasm. This is, to an extent, true; however, if asked Tali and Gabriel were together neither one of them would admit as much.

Dean WinchesterEdit

"Don't baby me, Dean. I'll knock you on your ass."
—Talia telling off Dean

Dean and Talia are considered kindred spirits in their frequent usage of the word freakin’, however, in most other respects, the two hunters clash. The two do not get on at all for a long time, however going through the apocalypse together helped to make them to get over themselves a bit and put their heads together. The biggest problem Talia found was Dean was his tendency to think she shouldn’t be in the life at all. She knew he meant well, but to her it just felt patronising; she hated nothing more that people being condescending towards her. After the events of “The End”, Dean started to look at her differently, mostly because of the frank advice she gave to him. He became increasingly worried that she would choose to say yes, despite having seen in the future that she had not done so in time. Toward the tail end of the apocalypse, the fighting between Dean and Tali became more friendly and teasing than actual fighting.

Katherine EdisonEdit

Talia: "So what are we doing tonight?"
Kat: "I was thinking we could bring our own tea bags and go to the club in town and order hot water because that’s the only thing they serve there other than nasty coffee and alcohol."
Talia: "Careful there, Kat before you land us both in jail."
— Katherine and Talia talking as friends.


Afriel: "I am Afriel, angel of the lord."
Talia: "Riiight… okay, that sounds like a name of a villain form Doctor Who, Classic Who actually, an not really even good Classic Who, sort of the McCoy era where they’d ran out of ideas for alien names so just stuffed a load of letters together…"
— Talia and Afriel meeting

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