Tess Avery
Biographical information
  • June 18, 1991 (21)
  • Alive
  • College Student
  • Female
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Supernatural information
Significant spells
  • Cloaking Tom from Travellers
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Tess Avery is a powerful witch and one of Silas's last descendants. Tess along with her best friend, Livand her twin brother, Luke, helped put Tess's older brother, Tom Avery, into a magically induced coma to cloak him from the Travelers. She resides in Atlanta, Georgia, before moving to Mystic Falls, Virginia.

Early LifeEdit

Tess lived in Atlanta, Georgia, with her older brother Tom. She is a college student while her brother works as a paramedic. When her ancestor, Silas, died. Tess knew that the Travellers, will be looking for him. So she, along with her best friend, Liv and Luke Parker, had another witch, Hazel, kidnapped him and cloak the location from the Travellers, while Tess herself, put a cloaking spell on Tom.

Season fiveEdit

Physical AppearanceEdit

Tess describes as a beautiful girl. She has a pale complexion, a beautiful face, forest green eyes. She has long, wavy light brown hair. She stands at 5'5" tall, with a slim, beautiful physique. 


Tess is a very kind and compassionate woman. She cares about her brother and her friends. But she is also very determined to keep the people she loves safe. 


Tom AveryEdit

  • The relationship between siblings, Tom and Tess Avery.

Liv ParkerEdit

  • The relationship between two best friends, Liv Parker and Tess Avery.

Luke ParkerEdit

  • The relationship between two close friends, Luke Parker and Tess Avery.


  • The relationship between a vampire, Enzo, and a witch, Tess Avery.

Stefan SalvatoreEdit

  • The relationship between a vampire, Stefan Salvatore, and a witch, Tess Avery.