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Tessa Lucas
( Portrayed by Dianna Agron )
Biographical information



Complicated [secretly seeing an FBI Andrew Parker]



  • Baby Sis(by Aiden and Julia)
  • TJ, baby girl (By father)
  • Tess (By family and friends)
Physical description
  • Human
  • Medium




Hair color


Eye color


Family information
Family members

  • Melinda Gordon (mother)
  • Sam James Lucas (father)
  • Aiden Paul Lucas Clancy (older brother)
  • Julia MaryAnn Faith Lucas (older sister)
  • James Ryan Lucas (son)
  • Beth Gordon (grandmother)
  • Paul Eastman (grandfather;deceased)
  • Nancy Lucas (paternal grandmother)
  • Gerald Lucas (paternal grandfather)
  • Jordan Lucas (aunt)
  • Mary Ann (great-grandmother;deceased)
  • Eli James (godfather)
  • Ned Banks (godfather)
Magical characteristics
Specific Skills
  • Mediumship
  • Empathy
  • Channeling
  • Telepathy
Specific Weakness
  • Anything that can kill her. E.g. guns, knives
  • The Lucas Family
  • Andrew Parker
  • Eli James
  • Ned and Delia Banks
  • Rick Payne
  • Student at Grandview High School

"I know I'm young but I am keeping my baby."
—Tessa telling her family her plans

Tessa Lucas is the youngest child of Melinda Gordon and Sam James Lucas. She inherited her mother's abilities.


Born Tessa Elizabeth Jamie Lucas, the youngest child of Melinda Gordon and Sam James Lucas. She has an older brother; Aiden and an older sister; Julia. From the moment she was conceived, Melinda knew that Tessa would be like her brother as Carl visited her to inform her so. Carl also said that he was to be Tessa's guardian as she grew up. The little girl channelled her mother and older brother sometimes forming a deeper connection to them but at heart, she was a daddy's girl and Sam adored her. Named for her maternal line mainly as Tessa was her ancestor born with the gift of mediumship and her grandmother Beth. Jamie comes from Melinda's first husband and new inhabitor of Sam Lucas' body; James 'Jim' Clancy.

When Tessa is sixteen, she begins a relationship with her after school choir teacher; Ryan Hansen. The pair keep things secret due to a small age difference between the two and he was briefly married, going through a divorce when he began a relationship with Tessa. Shortly after her seventeenth birthday, Tessa found out she was pregnant and informed Ryan. A few weeks later, Ryan was killed in a car accident and due to her grieve, Tess was unable to see him, but Melinda and Aiden could see him around Tess. When her grieve began to subside, Tessa was able to see Ryan. But she refused to talk to him, knowing that his unfinished business would be to be at the birth of their child. By this point, an FBI agent called Andrew Parker turned up in town to find Melinda for the Bureau. But instead he found Tessa and she let slip something about his deceased brother. Asking how she knew, she shrugged it off.

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