Ryan HansenEdit

Ryan was Tessa's first love. Also the father of her infant son.

Ryan used to teach the after school choir club at Grandview High School. When Tessa was sixteen, they began a secret relationship. He was getting a divorce from his high school sweetheart and was six years older than Tessa. Tessa found out after her seventeenth birthday, that she was pregnant and informed Ryan before everything escaped thanks to Tessa's sister Julia. Julia informed their parents that Tessa's teacher was the father of her baby. When it broke out at school, Tessa's best friend, who had adored her thoroughout childhood asked if it was true and then left her after she confirmed it. Ryan was sacked, but determined to provide for Tessa and their baby, he got another job. On the way to work one night, he was hit by another car and died instantly. Heartbroken, Tessa shut herself off from others. Unaware that Ryan was stuck on this plain until his unfinished business was taken care of; making sure Tessa would be taken care of.

Andrew ParkerEdit

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