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Tessa Esme Samson
Biographical information

September 18th 1992 (18 years old)





  • Mystic Falls High School Student (currently)
  • Human
Family information
Family Members
  • Stephen Emmett Samson (Father)
  • Aoife Samson (Mother)
  • Theodore James Samson (Older Brother)
  • Sage † (Maternal Ancestor)
Supernatural information
Significant spells


Significant sires


Significant kills


Cause of death


Physical Appearance
Played by

Jane Levy

First seen
  • Season Five Premiere

Tessa Samson is an enigmatic young woman set to cause a stir in Damon's life.


Born in September 1992, Tessa Esme Samson was the second child and only daughter of Stephen and Aoife Samson. A younger sister to Theodore Samson. Tessa and Theo were close from the word go. Theo took care of his baby sister and was happy to have her join in with him and his friends when she learned to walk and talk.


When Theo left for University, Tessa was 15 and began to go off the rails. Dating an older guy called Christian, Tessa found out she was pregnant and when she told Christian, he left her. Heartbroken, Tessa was determined to raise her baby but suffered a miscarriage at 12 weeks. Even more heartbroken, she turned to alcohol to block out the pain. During one break in her last year of high school, Theo took Tessa away with friends but she started suffering from visions and nightmares of a woman called Sage, unknown to Theo or Tessa, Sage was their ancestor who had formed a mental connection to Tessa. One night, the group were having a normal time apart from Tessa's need to get alcohol and she began screaming suddenly as she felt the other woman dying. Waking up, Theo told her, he couldn't handle her and had called their parents. Their mother began fuming and demanded Tessa was sent to a mental institution, but Stephen refused to send her and said she needed love and attention to help her. During the night, Stephen woke Tessa up and took her away from her mother after Theo had returned to University. They travelled around for months before Stephen took her to Mystic Falls.

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