Sage was the maternal ancestor of Tessa. Created by Finn over 900 years ago. She had had two children from her marriage. Her son went onto have children and so on, while her daughter died childless.

Stephen Samson

Tessa and Stephen


Tessa's father who divorces her mother after Aoife tries to have them instatutionalise their daughter. He moves around with her alot, resulting in her having to spend an extra year in High School. He adores Tessa and Theodore. With Stephen's help, Tessa begins to move on from her miscarriage and the visions of Sage. She even asks him to hold a memorial for the baby which she names 'Emerson' and Stephen helps her release paper lanterns for the baby from each of the family members; himself, Tessa, Theo and Aoife.

Theodore SamsonEdit



Theodore is three years old than his little sister. He bought her to their grandparents cabin to help her recover from her alcohol abuse. While there, Theo realised just how much his absence in his sister's life had caused her pain. Breaking her plea not to call their parents, Theo called them after she suddenly screamed until she passed out. He left to return home the same time as Stephen took Tessa away and she ignored his apologises. Theo turns up in Mystic Falls at Thanksgiving to spend it with Stephen and Tessa. Tessa initially ignores his attempts to make it upto her before she shows him, everything she told him was true.

Aoife Samson

Mother and Daughter


The mother of Tessa and Theodore. Ex-wife of Stephen Samson. Aoife is the first one to think that Tessa should go to an asylum. But after a year of Stephen moving around with their daughter, Aoife begins to realise she was wrong. Especially when she sees how well Tessa is doing after one on one time with her father.


Damon SalvatoreEdit

Stefan SalvatoreEdit

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