"The true Children of the Moon rarely move in packs, and they are never much in control of themselves"
Edward Cullen

Children of the Moon (more commonly known as Lycanthropes or Werewolves) are the supernatural species of immortal creatures on which most werewolf mythology and folklore. They are not like the La Push Shapeshifters, who are not true werewolves; Children of the Moon are forced to tranfom into wolf-like creatures upon the full moon (and the days before and after), after which, without severe training they lose all control of themselves. They cannot chose to change, but have physical strength, no matter the time.

2,000 yeras ago, the Volturi (with great difficulty) hunted them to near extinction after what is know as the "Itallian Clash", after which the Volturi decided to hunt them down.


Werewolf DominanceEdit

Before the Volturi came to power, werewolves and vampires lived in equilibrium, not technically in peace but each species had their territories. This obviously led to a lot of small scuffles over borders but this usually only resulted in only a couple of vampires and werewolves losing their lives and kept both feeling secure.

Itallian ClashEdit

Attempted Genocide of WerewolvesEdit


Other informationEdit

Getting The VirusEdit

To become a werewolf, one must be bitten by another werewolf (in werewolf form). Occasionally you can catch it through deep scratches too. As long as one is bitten or scratched deep enough to draw blood, the chances are they are infected. It is likely any survivors of an attack will be infected.



Lunar TransformationEdit


Old Loyalty CodesEdit

Known WolvesEdit

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