Vivienne Blackwell is the daughter of Henry and Susannah Blackwell. She has a twin sister called Anastasia Blackwell. She has four unnamed older sisters, and one unnamed older brother. She is the mate of Nicholas, and the mother of Madeline. She is the ex of Nathan Harris. Her descendant, Gabriella Cullen, is her doppelganger. 



"You're beautiful, you're strong. You're full of light."
―Nicholas admires Vivienne

Nicholas is the Children of the Moon that bit Vivienne. 


Vivienne's deceased mate: Nicholas

Nathan HarrisEdit

"Kiss me, or kill me. We both know you're only capable of one."
―Vivienne taunts Nathan

Vivienne's ex: Nathan Harris




Vivienne's daughter: Madeline

Madeline: "Momma, where are you going?"
Vivienne: "I need to leave. It's not safe for you to be with us right now."
Madeline: "You're leaving me? Father as well?
Vivienne: "I'm so sorry, I never wanted this for you. But I promise you, when this is all over, I will find you."
—Vivienne and Madeline's last moments before their departure

Anastasia BlackwellEdit


Vivienne's younger twin sister: Anastasia Blackwell

Gabriella CullenEdit


Vivienne's descendant: Gabriella Cullen

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